Shamanism and the fight to protect the people in the war against DNA

On the subject of human rights – it really puts things into perspective when you try to use historical precedent to make a logical case for the human being’s right to live on this planet. And not just humans – because all plant and animal life that currently exists on Earth was just not here billions of years ago. 

A whole host of creatures, trees and plants that thrived on the Earth about three billion years ago have long gone extinct.

Even DNA itself is not indigenous to Earth, and therefore also has no right to survive. It only turned up here – scientists dispute how – about three and half billion years ago.

So who can claim any rights in all of this?

The truth is that none of us have any rights to Mother Nature, but we do have a way to get ourselves aligned with Her so that She and us share the same interests in allowing humanity to survive and thrive, and I’ll explain how in this article.

We first of all have to understand that Wheel is continually turning and creating ever-new forms of life with genetic lines that recreate themselves via their DNA. All DNA is made up of the following letters: A, G, C and T, but the shape and form of a life form is determined by the order of those four letters in its genetic code.

So we can wonder, why did the Earth invite in DNA to colonise Her? And will knowing that help to answer another question: why is that same DNA under attack from every quarter today? I’m not sure that the two questions are linked… I’m just trying to set the stage for the discussion within the parameters of the consensual reality in which we currently find ourselves.

I can find an answer for the second question because like all shamans, I get it from the DNA itself. I’ll use the following metaphor, which is a true one, to explain what I mean.

DNA cannot replicate itself. It needs proteins to build and maintain it. However, the proteins don’t know how to build and maintain the DNA. The proteins need the DNA to tell them, and this is the information or wisdom that the DNA carries – the blueprint for its own survival. Not only that, but the proteins also find the information they need to reproduce themselves from the DNA. So this is perfect symbiosis.

Here’s another way of looking at it

Say you’re an architect and you want to build your own home. You know how you want the house to look, but you don’t have the skills to achieve it. You’re not a bricklayer, a plumber or an electrician and so you don’t know how to build brick walls, how to lay pipes and cables or how to lay wallpaper flat so that it doesn’t have any bubbles in it. So you hire tradesmen that are expert in those skills.

These tradesmen and artisans are not necessarily expert in how to design a whole house, only in how to fulfil their different roles to contribute to the overall vision of the architect, who directs them in where to build, what to paint and wallpaper and where to put all the wiring and plumbing.

The architect then pays the tradesmen for their work, thus allowing the bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, and painters and decorators to put a roof over their heads and food on the table of their families – thus to enable their survival. More perfect symbiosis.

So this is what shamans do. They’re sort of interdimensional tradesmen proteins who ‘talk to’ the DNA architect to gain the wisdom, guidance, information and healing needed for the survival of that family or tribal line. Shamans refer to this process as consulting with their ancestors, which is what the experience is like because the voices of our forebears take on tangible form. It’s also known as ‘redeeming the blood of the ancestors’, because the DNA is in the ‘rivers of the blood’ that course through the body.

I don’t have many wise ancestors in the most recent part of my DNA line, but I have plenty of great smiths and shamans much further back, who guide me. Other shamans are lucky enough to be born on the soil that their ancestors are buried in, and come from a long line of mystics, so their very beings are infused with the spirit of their ancestors resonating through them. These are the really powerful shamans…but there are not many of them left because their tribes have either been destroyed or moved off their land.

We can believe that they were moved because huge global industries wanted to rob them of their natural resources in one way or another… but that’s just the viewpoint of a capitalist/consumerist mindset. It’s the symptom, I believe, and not the cause of the canker. I think these industries, based on consumerism and built-in obsolescence, are just the parasites riding in on the Death Eaters tanks and drones in their attack on our DNA, to pick over the carrion.

I don’t believe that this is just a recent war, either. I thought for a while that it was, but the only thing that was new was that I had ‘woken up’ to it. I can now see evidence for this war stretching back thousands of years… from when shamanism, or whatever its equivalent was known as in different parts of the world, was driven underground by religions like Judaeo-Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. The most damaging religion to this practice has been Judaeo-Christianity because it has dominated the thinking of the West for so long, and it is Western interests that drive the information war.

The War on our DNA can be traced back to the Emperor Constantine in the 4th century, who used Christianity to cement and control his growing empire while remaining a non-Christian himself. But even Constantine was just the latest puppet whose strings were in the hands of the descendants of four seed bloodlines: the House of Commagene, which arose in Antioch in about 162 BCE; the House of Herod – Herod Agrippa that is, friend of Caligula; thirdly, the Julio-Claudio Roman dynasty and finally, the priest kings of Baal in Emesa, which is known today as Hims in Syria. It is their descendants, according to David Livingstone in Terrorism and the Illuminati, who rule us today.

In stamping out all forms of shamanism, the ruling elites tried to destroy the bridge that connects us to our ancestral wisdom, and thus the means to continue our DNA lines. It should be stressed: the ancestral wisdom is not just about survival on Earth; the ancestors teach us about the purpose of the human life, which is spiritual enlightenment.

In the absence of this teaching in the education curriculum, also deliberate in my view, ever since the destruction of the Mystery Groves and the burning down of the Library of Alexandria, it is only from the ancestors that we can receive this wisdom again.

The importance to past mystics of the ancestral wisdom found through communing with the double-helixed, serpentine-twisting DNA is highly evident in their poetic references and artworks – for instance, the ouroboros, the dragon or ‘cosmic serpent’ that appears to be eating its own tail.

Ouroboros by Theodorus Pelecanos

Ouroboros by Theodoros Pelecanos of Corfu in Khandak, Iraklio, Crete in 1478, (taken from of a lost manuscript of an early medieval tract which was attributed to Synosius of Cyrene (d. 412)).

 In the early Neolithic, the serpent was associated with wisdom – in other words, it was a poetic metaphor for the ancestral wisdom derived from DNA. For that reason, mythological serpents are found everywhere at that time, and are at the root of what was once known as the serpent cults before they were eradicated by the solar priesthoods, who demonised the serpent in the later part of the Neolithic.

Apep, the ancient Egyptian cosmic serpent, with Atum.
Vishnu, dreaming the Creation into Existence on the Vedic cosmic serpent, Sesha.
Typhon, the cosmic serpent of the ancient Greeks
Rainbow Snake, Australian Aboriginal

In early Christianity, it was what was meant by Jesus saying that he is the vine.

John 15.1 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.”


Among some Amazonian tribes, the vine is referred to as the sky rope, with steps like a ladder between the heavens and Earth. The Taulipang Indians of Guyana told ethnographer Theodore Koch-Grünberg in the early 20th century about a vine called inkiteca (literally, sky rope) and he sketched it thus:

Liana by Koch-Grunberg

Mircea Eliade, who was Professor of the History of Religion at Harvard in the first half of the 20th century, tells us in his book, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, of the evidence found on all five continents for shamanic ladders, spiral pathways, stairways and braided ropes.

He writes that,

“the symbolism of the rope, like that of a ladder, necessarily implies communication between sky and earth. It is by means of a rope or a ladder (as too, by a vine, a bridge, a chain of arrows etc.) that the gods descend to Earth and men go up the sky.”

And of course, we shouldn’t forget Jacobs Ladder, painted so magnificently here by William Blake.


Mythological serpents are also associated with water, which to my mind is the salt water that the DNA is bathed in. These waters are referred to in various ancient texts as the waters of the firmament or the Gharbodaka Ocean. It’s interesting that as I write this, we’re in the sign of Pisces: these two fishes swimming in water could easily be a metaphor for the double helixed DNA.


So I think we’ve been here before – is what I’m trying to say. With so many signs from our ancestors about the importance of redeeming the blood or rebuilding the DNA going back millennia, we must have been in this battle for a very long time, to preserve the wisdom of the ancestors.

How it’s manifesting itself today is in a plethora of ways – their weapons to destroy our DNA are found in chemtrails, pharmaceutical drugs, nanotechnology, fluoridisation of the water, oestrogen disrupters, vaccines and not least, in genetically-modified food, which will genetically modify us too. They’re throwing the kitchen sink at it!

I believe that this will all turn out to be an initiatory rite of passage for the human race. Only those who are awake to their own intelligence and wisdom will survive long enough to see this agenda implode in on itself, as it eventually will because the seed of its destruction is intrinsic to its design.

As Sun Tzu, the 6th century Chinese general and military strategist, says in his famous treatise, The Art of War:

“The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself”.

So going back to my opening thoughts, it seems that we don’t have any inalienable rights to live on this planet, and if we don’t fight for our race, I don’t believe that there are any space ETs or angels who will come and save us. We already have the remedy for our rescue, in our own DNA. The only place to find the wisdom we need is inside us, in our Rivers of Blood. We access this through shamanic practises that are our birthright, and which will fire up the wisdom already intrinsic in our serpent DNA.

We have to win this war for the sake of our ancestors who went before us, and our children and children’s children who will come after us. We must survive not just to survive, for it’s own sake, but to pass on the wisdom about what human life is for. If you’re not sure what human life is for, then you will find much to inform you on all of that if you read My Books.