Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

Hello, my pen-name is Annie Dieu-Le-Veut and I write books on shamanism, Earth magic, the Grail Mysteries, Sovereignty magic and sacred sexuality.

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The Grail Mysteries: Sovereignty and shamanic sex magic

The Bright World of the Gods: A real faery tale from the mists of Avalon

Reclaiming Sovereignty: Shamanic Earth magic

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Many of the articles on this blog were written during the time that I’ve spent – many years now – working on the land of Avalon to help, alongside many others, to reclaim the Sovereignty of the British Isles. This blog represents what has been a necessary process of education that I’ve had to carry out, as a shaman  – alongside my interdimensional work with the spirits of the land, who are the governors of the spirit of the Sovereignty.

The education provided here, and in my books, was, and still is, necessary, because we are no longer taught about how to reach and communicate with the other spirit dimensions, let alone their importance to Sovereignty. It is for that reason that we are continually having to fight off foreign invasions to this land – either in overt form, like the Roman invasion of the 2nd century, or in covert form, through religious infiltration from Rome and others who wish to subsume us into their empires.

Freedom is never free.
It has to be fought for.
Our parents for fought for it.
So did our grandparents.
So will we.

However, there are many different ways to fight.

The Mysteries of Britain

As the early 20th century occultist Dion Fortune wrote in her book The Battle for Britain:

“Those who have approached the study of the subject from the inside – that is to say, with the initiatory keys – and employed it as a practical system for the exhaltation of consciousness have, for the most part, maintained a secrecy which, though it might have been not only justifiable and even essential in the days when the Holy Inquisiton rewarded such researches with the stake, it is difficult to assign to any more creditable motive in our liberal age other than a desire to create and maintain prestige.

“A very effective “corner” in occult practice, if not in occult knowledge, has been established and maintained among English-speaking peoples for the last quarter of a century; a corner that has effectively defeated the spiritual impulse which should have given rise to a renaissance of the Mysteries during the last quarter of the last century. [The late 19th century.]

“Consequently, the Earth being ripe for the sowing and the wheat not being broadcast therein, the four winds brought strange seeds to the waiting ground, and a tropical growth sprang up that, having no roots in racial tradition, withered away or developed strange forms.

“The buried temple of our native tradition has in actuality been excavated at any rate, but the rescued fragments have not been made available to students according to honourable traditions of European scholarship, but have been gathered together into private collections the keys whereof have rested in the pockets of individuals who have opened and closed the doors in an arbitary fashion…”

In my work for the past decade or so, I’ve been piecing together the buried etheric temple of the Mysteries of Britain and finding the keys to reclaiming its Sovereignty. The land is once again ripe for the sowing, and it is my intention, with all my writings, to broadcast the seeds to the waiting fertile ground of human understanding.

In my books and on this blog, you’ll find much that’s new to you. I don’t confine my writings, though, to the merely spiritual. When the spirit of Sovereignty rises up from the land, it soon becomes political, and so those more worldly matters have to be addressed too.

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