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Shamanism and the fight to protect the people in the war against DNA

On the subject of human rights – it really puts things into perspective when you try to use historical precedent to make a logical case for the human being’s right to live on this planet. And not just humans – because all plant and animal life that currently exists on Earth was just not here billions of years ago. 

A whole host of creatures, trees and plants that thrived on the Earth about three billion years ago have long gone extinct.

Even DNA itself is not indigenous to Earth, and therefore also has no right to survive. It only turned up here – scientists dispute how – about three and half billion years ago.

So who can claim any rights in all of this? Continue reading

Sovereignty: the rite of passage that we’re currently undergoing can only be passed by relying on ancestral wisdom

It seems to me that the situation we’re in regarding the threat to the survival of our race has all the hallmarks of an initiatory test as part of a rite of passage.

What do I mean by rite of passage?

The rite of passage was a practice – and often still is among those indigenous tribes that remain –  going back thousands of years, in which the boys would be taken away, deep into the forest, by the Elders, and there they would be put through their paces by facing natural dangers head on. The adversaries were real – and sometimes, some of the children would fail to overcome them, and would be killed. But those that survived to make it back to the tribe, came back men. In other words, they could only survive by finding their own natural intelligence which is carried in the race memories of the Rivers of Blood, as it’s known in faery lore. (Read more in The Faery wisdom about race… and the rivers of blood). Continue reading

Climbing the Stairway to Heaven – Upgrading your DNA

For many decades we’ve been labouring under the misapprehension that our genetic fate is predetermined and set in concrete. However, I started working shamanically to transform my DNA as soon as I came to understand that DNA was mutable, by environment and other factors. Continue reading