Climbing the Stairway to Heaven – Upgrading your DNA

For many decades we’ve been labouring under the misapprehension that our genetic fate is predetermined and set in concrete. However, I started working shamanically to transform my DNA as soon as I came to understand that DNA was mutable, by environment and other factors.

This information came to me around the same time that the spirits began to show me that the whole subject of DNA was connected to the purpose of my life, to “redeem the blood of the ancestors”’, which is a Biblical way of describing transforming and upgrading the DNA of your family line and then, as Jung would say, reincarnating into your own life. And it is achieved by “climbing the stairway to heaven” – the spiralling double-helix ladder of our own DNA.

If you’re thinking this all sounds a bit New Age or woo-woo, I would ask you to look at these findings from conventional scientific studies that have led me to my conclusions.

For me, it all began a few years ago when Medical News Today (not known for its New Age or alternative health sympathies) published some groundbreaking research into how DNA works. Apparently, researchers had discovered the process which regulates the maintenance of our DNA. And they found that there are, apparently, two routes that this process can take.

One is the ‘elite route’, where errors that naturally occur over time are corrected almost 100 per cent. However, most of us have DNA that follows a second route, the so-called “standard route”, which increasingly corrects fewer and fewer errors until we end up with age-related diseases, like cancer or heart disease. And as the DNA gathers more and more errors to it, and they remain uncorrected, so the family line deteriorates and eventually, dies out.

So why doesn’t our regular DNA maintenance process automatically take the elite route? Well, if you imagine us as computers, it seems that to take the elite route would overload our systems with bandwidth-heavy apps, and we would ‘crash’.

Here’s the story:

From Medical News Today.

DNA contains all of the genetic instructions that make us who we are, and maintaining the integrity of our DNA over the course of a lifetime is a critical, yet complex part of the aging process. In an important, albeit early step forward, scientists have discovered how DNA maintenance is regulated, opening the door to interventions that may enhance the body’s natural preservation of genetic information.

The new findings may help researchers delay the onset of aging and aging-related diseases by curbing the loss or damage of our genetic makeup, which makes us more susceptible to cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Keeping our DNA intact longer into our later years could help eliminate the sickness and suffering that often goes hand-in-hand with old age.

“Our research is in the very early stages, but there is great potential here, with the capacity to change the human experience,” said Robert Bambara, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Rochester Medical Center and leader of the research. “Just the very notion is inspiring.”

The finding builds on past research, which established that as humans evolved, we created two routes for DNA replication and repair – a standard route that eliminates some damage and a moderate amount of errors, and an elite route that eliminates the large majority of damage and errors from our DNA.

Only the small portion of our DNA that directs the creation of all the proteins we are made of – proteins in blood cells, heart cells, liver cells and so on – takes the elite route, which uses much more energy and so “costs” the body more. The remaining majority of our DNA, which is not responsible for creating proteins, takes the standard route, which requires fewer resources.

But scientists have never understood what controls which pathway a given piece of DNA would go down. Study authors found, that like a policeman directing traffic at a busy intersection, acetylation directs which proteins take which route, favoring the protection of DNA that creates proteins by shuttling them down the elite, more accurate course.

“If we found a way to improve the protection of DNA that guides protein production, basically boosting what our body already does to eliminate errors, it could help us live longer,” said Lata Balakrishnan, Ph.D., postdoctoral research associate at the Medical Center, who helped lead the work. “A medication that would cause a small alteration in this acetylation-based regulatory mechanism might change the average onset of cancers or neurological diseases to well beyond the current human lifespan.”

The key is found in this sentence:

Study authors found, that like a policeman directing traffic at a busy intersection, acetylation directs which proteins take which route, favoring the protection of DNA that creates proteins by shuttling them down the elite, more accurate course.

In other words, if we want to persuade the acetylation policeman that he should direct our DNA down the ‘elite’ route, we have to instruct our DNA to start creating proteins.

But this transformation of our DNA isn’t going to be achieved through conventional medical means, which only recognises the physical body, because the process is one that takes into account the energetic field of which the physical body is just a small part.

Dr Bruce Lipton is one of those way-ahead-of-the-pack scientists who are not afraid to embrace the existence of the energetic field, and in this You Tube video, he explains how our genetic makeup is not pre-determined but is selected and that it behaves according to our belief systems.

He explains how our genetic cells are governed by proteins. They respond to their protein rich environment and are controlled by the energy of thought and attention. In other words, he confirms that we are co-creators of our own genetic make-up by the tool of every self-respecting shaman, the power of intention.

So how do we RAM-up the computers of our being with the super-dimensional equivalent of Quad-Core Intel Core i7 to get 20 times faster data transfer and three times faster graphic performance with full-screen HD video calls, all leading to a totally cool optimised user experience?

I have written an article that takes you through the simple but potent technique of The Ecstasy of the Heart here. It works by changing the harmonics that ripple out around us – like throwing the Philosopher’s Stone into the energetic ‘pond’. But what I don’t mention there is that it is also a means for upgrading your operating system and your DNA. I guarantee that if you practice it, you will start to feel the results immediately. It was visioned by shamanic healer Tom Kenyon, and he says that this is how it works:

This phase of the Advanced Technique generates a flow of subtle energies from the body’s interdimensional space into the KA (the energy body) and from here into the cells of the physical body via the mitochondria and then into the DNA.

Yes, it can’t be proved in a laboratory. But I can testify that since practising this technique, I have undergone some major changes, not just in my body-mind-spirit continuum but also in the world that I’m out-picturing around me.

I also can feel the energy swirling around my body as it seeks to find a new equilibrium and sometimes, it seems to hit what feels like ‘air pockets’, and I get a bubbling sensation as it tries to find a way through. But eventually, my whole mind-body-spirit is suffused with warm and ecstatic ripples of love and peace.

It so simple and enjoyable to practise. You don’t have to wrap your ankles round your neck or memorise complicated mantras. It’s just giving yourself permission to surrender to bliss and ecstasy … what can be so difficult about that? And then through that experience, I become aware of my Ka body, or energetic field, and then a new portal begins to open in my consciousness where I’m put in touch with the wider and greater “Me”. This “Me” is the co-creator of my own health and wellness, and my own destiny, and making intentions from that super-dimensional space is very powerful indeed.

Once we understand the substance of the messages our ancestors left for us thousands of years ago, we can realise the value and meaning of human life and finally know what to do with it.