Sovereignty: the rite of passage we are undergoing can only be passed by relying on ancestral wisdom

It seems to me that the situation we’re in regarding the threat to the survival of our race has all the hallmarks of an initiatory test as part of a rite of passage.

What do I mean by rite of passage?

The rite of passage was a practice – and often still is among those indigenous tribes that remain –  going back thousands of years, in which the boys would be taken away, deep into the forest, by the Elders, and there they would be put through their paces by facing natural dangers head on. The adversaries were real – and sometimes, some of the children would fail to overcome them, and would be killed. But those that survived to make it back to the tribe, came back men. In other words, they could only survive by finding their own natural intelligence which is carried in the race memories of the Rivers of Blood, as it’s known in faery lore. (Read more in The Faery wisdom about race… and the rivers of blood).

So this was a very real passage from childhood into adulthood. It literally turned boys into men, so that they could go on to protect the tribe and its tribal lands into the future.

The shaman, Malidome Patrice Somé, explains about his rite of passage in the jungle of Burkino Faso in his book Of Water and the Spirit. They were sometimes buried up to their necks in sand, to experience extreme heat, discomfort and restriction in order to force them deeper into visions and into the ancestral wisdom seedbed. One morning, the children woke up to find that the lead shaman Elder had been killed and the rest of the grown-ups had disappeared. They were left alone to face the dangers and it was by no means certain that they would overcome the perils and pitfalls in making it out of the jungle and reaching the safety of the home village. There were no Health and Safety regulations, in other words, around this initiatory test, and not all of them made it back to the tribe – to find the lead shaman Elder strangely alive and the other adults with knowing, welcoming grins on their faces!

The hero with a thousand faces

The classic rite of passage was considered to be a pre-requisite to manhood all over the world. This story of the boy overcoming his adversaries and returning as a man is the key narrative in so many ancient myths, Joseph Campbell referred to it as the Monomyth, and the returning man as The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Unfortunately, there is an obsession with ancient Greek myths among classicists, thus excluding our own traditions. So in my book The Bright World of the Gods, I re-envision that heroic rite of passage story by drawing on the roots of the Celtic tradition with Gwyn ap Nudd as the hero and Bridie as the heroine.

Anyway, according to this model, most of us are currently at 11.00 am – Betrayal – which is the precursor to Spiritual Birth into our power, at noon.


This is also the story told in the giant geo-engineered effigies of the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars. It mirrors the rite of passage narrative that our earliest ancestors saw depicted in the stars of the sky; as Above, So Below. (Read more about the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars in my book, Stories in the Summerlands. )

My understanding is that the current dangers facing us are not just part of an initiatory test which lasts for a number of weeks or months in a jungle somewhere …. but one in which our whole life is a rite of passage. Most of the challenges we face politically come from the programs that social engineers put in place as far back as 1948. (By the way, I’m not saying that the social engineers are kindly and altruistically attacking us for own good – I believe that they are unwitting weapons being wielded by the hands of a higher power).

Anyway, like all such rites of passage, the aim is to get the ‘child’ or the novice in touch with their own holistic being, so that they can tap into and activate their natural intelligence. However, it takes a real adversary to act as the catalyst – a pantomime lion would never do.

I believe that “the lion” with which we’re being faced is the threat of the deliberate destruction of our DNA – and thus our ancestral wisdom – by a combination of genetic modification and low fertility.

Tapping into ancestral wisdom

Many of us will not pass this test unless we  learn to tap this natural intelligence soon. We have to get to it before they destroy it. It isn’t just about our survival as an individual, but just as importantly, the survival of our race. We have no other means to face the coming onslaught because our parents had no knowledge of it, to teach us, and neither did our grandparents. We all have fathers and grandfathers who marched off willingly to sacrifice themselves in the phony world wars. So like the children of Burkino Faso, we’ve been left alone, like orphans, to face our foes.

The ignorance about the overall game plan goes back for many generations. But there is a way of contacting the ancestral wisdom earlier than that, through the race memory in the DNA of the Rivers of Blood.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. So in the rites of passage, the children are forced to go within to ‘wade through’ their own Rivers of Blood in order to get the necessary intelligence to survive and overcome their adversaries. We are in the same situation. Only by being forced to go within through shamanic trance, to contact the ancestral wisdom, will our tribe, our race, survive.

Even if the peril in which we currently find ourselves turns out not to be a deliberately arranged rite of passage, the action of contacting our natural intelligence will have the same net outcome. So if nothing else, it’s a useful cognitive model to work with. It also gets out of the treacherous mires and marshes which can bog us down, where we are overcome with emotions like fear, and also grief and betrayal because the ‘good parent’ has suddenly turned into the ‘bad parent’… or has been the ‘bad parent’ all along, the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Time is also wasted in trying to argue and reason with the enemy and petition them to change their ways. We may win a few small battles – but only the ones which they are prepared to throw, strategically. We will never persuade them to our point of view any more that we can turn a lion vegetarian, when their salaries – their own survival – depends upon them not understanding it.

We’re also squandering this opportunity while the clock is ticking in worrying about when the rest of the tribe is going to wake up. Maybe they won’t. Maybe it is just up to us…

Some of the people leading these discussions are not awake themselves… being politically awake is not the same as being spiritually awake.

Those who are only politically awake are alerting people to the dangers –  but have no solutions to overcome them. Some of those alerting people on the alternative media actually have the danger built into their business models, so to overcome it would mean the end of them too. All they can do is keep pointing out the danger, and the different ways it’s manifesting, over and over again. It’s useful but only up to point. We need to find a way to move the conversation on.

The spiritual awakening, in contrast, carries the seed of the solution in its own awakening. Once there is a tipping point, once enough are awake, all bets are off. But this awakening is at the level of the individual, not the group. And because we’ve been conditioned by religion to think in terms of absolute truth about good and evil which has to be dealt with collectively, this is another hurdle to be surmounted in our thinking.

The erosion of borders – both inner and outer

Right now, all our borders are down… and not just in geographical terms, but that too. We need some ‘controlled immigration’ not just into our lands, but also into our cognitive landscapes. The taboos which the Elders of our tribes put in place for our protections have been eroded over time. Many have been deliberately dissolved by the skilled psychological manipulation of these ambush predators who have a long game plan and are prepared to wait and strike when the conditions are right.

Controlled immigration is not about racism; it’s simple economics and thus survival. You can’t have both a welfare state on a small island and also throw open the borders; it’s about numbers. If we don’t repel invaders, we will be overcome and our welfare will be at risk. As the statistics have proved, it’s much easier to traffic children across open borders than when they have to go through immigration controls. By the same token, it’s much easier to traffic ideas that are not in our own best interests when our discrimination no longer works because our taboos are down.

To those that tell us Nature has no borders, I would reply that Nature would be nothing without Her geometric, fractally-arranged borders. Take away those and the whole creation descends into a slimy grey mush.

Mother Nature is defined by Her lines of delineation and delimination right down the smallest body cells which rely on their lining membranes to act as walls, to facilitate incoming nutrients and outgoing waste products. Without our skin framing our bodies, we would have no waterproof protection against the elements; without the lining fascia inside our bodies, there would be nothing to support our organs.

Nature’s borders are found from the microcosm to macrocosm – right up to the limits of atmospheres around stars and planets that in effect decree which beings can respirate and thus live on that particular planet, and which beings can’t.

Back on Earth, there are natural geographical borders – like mountain ranges and coastlines. We live within these organically-framed territories of the soil that we have grown up out of, and that has made us who we are. While we love to eat the foods from the sea, we need the coastlines for the oceans to butt up against, because salty sea moors are not good for growing much on.

But there would no food at all without the borders of Nature, because the whole creation relies on the resonance of numbers to build its geometrical shapes that turn into flowers and fruits and trees and just about every other living thing.

Each breathing being upon this wonderful diverse planet has its place – its natural framing or you could say it’s “sweet spot” where it best thrives. An olive tree doesn’t thrive in the Highlands of Scotland while a conifer doesn’t thrive in the desert regions These sweet spots within borders are actually what determine the continuation of diversity – of all species. Having no borders means no more diversity as everything is just thrown into the melting pot.

I hope that it’s not too late for shamans to start tuning into what our ancestors are advising and what the spirits of the land are showing us, so that we can bring back the natural intelligence and innate wisdom to our tribes. Its seed bed is our birthright and comes us to us through the DNA in the Rivers of Blood – and now is the time to access it before it is modified out of all existence and Monsanto owns all the seeds.