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Snowflakes special: Annie and Sandi’s Big Chat about what Trump is really up to

If you’re completely freaked out by what Donald Trump is doing, then you’re in the right place. Just pull up a chair, have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, and just relax while Annie and Sandi explain to you what Trump is really up to in terms of abortion, refugees, climate change and a whole host of other seemingly nightmarish phantoms and ghouls that the gutterstream media are trying to frighten you with.

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Shamanism and the fight to protect the people in the war against DNA

On the subject of human rights – it really puts things into perspective when you try to use historical precedent to make a logical case for the human being’s right to live on this planet. And not just humans – because all plant and animal life that currently exists on Earth was just not here billions of years ago. 

A whole host of creatures, trees and plants that thrived on the Earth about three billion years ago have long gone extinct.

Even DNA itself is not indigenous to Earth, and therefore also has no right to survive. It only turned up here – scientists dispute how – about three and half billion years ago.

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