The path to spiritual enlightenment through the Mystery teachings and sacred sex magic

How can sacred sex magic help you to realise your true divinity? This review by historian and archaeologist Tally Pendragon may give you the answers you need.

If you’re wondering what The Mystery Teachings are, and how they apply to you, then this book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, is for you. For decades, I’ve been looking for that mythical bridge to The Mysteries that would connect the dry and dusty academic planes to the realms of my own actual hands-on experience of them. I’m an academic, a Medieval Archaeologist & Historian, but also a Gnostic Christian with a deeply studied interest in Christianity’s true origins.

I’ve researched the subject of The Mysteries until I’m blue in the face without ever really finding out what they are or how to successfully apply them to my life. I’ve searched through those dry academic tomes on systems as diverse as the Mesopotamians, the Ancient Egyptians and the Eleusinian Mystery Schools of Ancient Greece. I’ve studied the Gnostic gospels, the doctrines of the Early Church Fathers, the dogmas of the Roman Church, right up to present day catechism.

Nowhere have I found answers that have satisfied my quest for knowledge of The Mysteries. I had unhappily concluded that they’re not called mysteries for no good reason and was no closer to establishing just exactly what they were all about.

Then, a couple of years ago, quite inadvertently, I’d begun to read a few of Annie Dieu-Le- Veut’s earlier writings, both online and in print. Imagine my unabated joy when I discovered that there was a real, live shaman woman in Glastonbury who’d written the words my heart so yearned to hear! In giving me the permission that I needed to start thinking of my spirituality in a very different way, she quite literally changed my life. I hadn’t even realised that the mystical journeyings I’d kept secret for so long rendered me a shaman in training myself until that point. And the phrase “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” has never been more apposite in the case of my relation to this particular book.

Now that I know what they are, I reiterate that, if you’re looking for practical advice on all aspects of the Mystery Teachings, then The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar is definitely for you. It is as entertaining as it is enlightening, as simply stated as it is profound. This book is about LOVE – love for oneself, for ALL others and for the beautiful and fantastic universe we inhabit. It’s about discovering the spiritual beings we truly are; ruthlessly suppressed beings, to whom these fundamentally essential teachings have been denied for so many centuries.

The Mysteries have been systematically replaced by a consciously-functioning regime that has sought to suppress the true nature of mankind. A system that’s successfully isolated us from the very thing that gives us extra-dimensional life: our connection to the spirit world.

It’s not all about sex, it’s about the true and sovereign connection that sex allows us to achieve when it’s understood within its intended context. That is, through the universal consciousness applied in The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar. Sex isn’t about lying back and thinking of England, as my mother used to tell me. It’s about opening up those portals into the divine and dynamic realms that bring the knowledge and wisdom of the universe back down to Earth in true sovereignty, power and majesty.

And it’s about creating a connection with the spirits of the land who will then teach us how to love ourselves and our neighbours as Yeshua taught us to. Chapter 16, The Nature of Divine Love, was definitely written for me. I am indeed one of those women Annie is referring to on the pages of that chapter! But, of course, for some, it really IS about experiencing the brighter colours of the best sex they’ve ever known without having to lie back and think of dear old Blighty.

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