Quicksilver Messenger Service – the hidden messages in medieval and Renaissance art

Once we understand the codes in the great masterpieces preserved in the churches, abbeys and cathedrals, then it becomes clear that these symbols are a series of still-life tableaus forming a narrative about the alchemical process of the transformation of metals, with ourselves as the crude lead.

Each metal is assigned a god or goddess to encapsulate their qualities, and we can see these characteristics writ large in the classical Greek dramas featuring the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus.

For instance, iron is Ares (the Roman Mars) and always portrayed as passionate and warlike, while tin is Jupiter who is jubilant, outgoing and adventurous and together with the quicksilver messenger, Hermes (the Roman Mercury), they manage to charm and trick the strict, leaden-natured schoolmaster, Chronos (the Roman Saturn) into dissolving some of his stiffly-held boundaries to allow new life and new worlds to form, while the coppery Aphrodite (the Roman Venus) is the personification of harmonious beauty who brings her rose gold beatitudes of natural order and proportion to every situation.

In much of Renassiance art, the Madonna is depicted in a cloak that is blue with a red lining, or covering a red dress underneath. This is an alchemical cipher for Venus and her associated metal of copper, which burns with a blue-green flame that flashes sporadically with red sparks. She is often found with the Child of the Philosopher, or Philosopher’s Stone, on her lap or at her breast. It is a metaphor meant to imply the nature of copper as the mother of the Great Work, because it is a metal that has the ability to balance and raise the energies of other metals, in the same way that the harmony and order is expressed through the feminine nature of the mother of the family.

Madonna of the Book by Sandro Botticelli, 1480.madonna

Then there’s a local legend here in Avalon about Jesus’s uncle from Arimathea, of whom it was said: “Joseph was a tin man.” For all the reasons stated before, it is unlikely that that meant he was a tin trader or even that he existed in history. It is more probable that the J in his name stood for Jupiter, which governs the metal of tin, and this would be quite fitting for the “uncle” of the Child of the Philosopher in alchemical lore because Jupiterian-ruled processes applied in the right way can release lead from its dark Saturnic captivity into the light as much as Jesus was resurrected and released from his dark tomb.

Mercury’s metal is called quicksilver because it is the only one that remains liquid at room temperature and thus it flows more quickly and easily than any others. Alchemists regarded the god Mercury as the messenger that carried the catalytic life principle and so mercury-ruled materials would be used to animate their operations. The symbol for this life principle is found in the twisting serpents that crawl up the Caduceus, and also in the double-helix of DNA. In Celtic lore, this vital messenger force is known as the Rivers of Blood; in the gospel stories of the New Testament, it is the message that is delivered to the womb of Mary (Venus) by the angel Gabriel.

The poetic children of the quicksilver god Mercury are the words “message”, “memory”, “measure“, “meaning”, “marine”, “metal”, “mettle” and “memes”. And so in understanding the mytho-poetic story told in the processes of the alchemical Great Work, we come to realise that we’re benefitting from the once and always and forevermore mercurial force which those who came before us intoned sonically into our Rivers of Blood.

Those voices come to us in our dreams and visions as a series of metaphorical memes that invoke memories which reach to us, over the subconscious, submarinal oceans of Time, like messages in a glass bottle blown from the sands of Saturn the Clockmaker’s hourglass; the sands by which our human span is measured. And while the costumes of the characters or the scenery may change over the Ages, the meaning of the message is always the same: we are being ground in these dark Saturnic mills for the testing of our mettle.

And so the stage is set. We enter as the star, the hero of the drama, playing the lead-ing role of the Fool, the unevolved, leaden human, who takes birth with a series of pre-arranged missions designed to evolve his soul, but who, once here, drinks a draught of forgetfulness and falls asleep to who he truly is and the purpose of his life…

© Annie Dieu-Le-Veut, January 2019

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