Omens, portents and numbers

When I first began training in shamanism, I was living at the following address: 77 Oakhill Road, Sevenoaks. That’s three 7s …777…and two oaks.

It was so obvious to even my dense, sleepy brain, as it was at the time, that it jumped out at me. I knew there must be a message there, although I didn’t know then what the numbers meant.

On our two-year shamanic teacher training course with Simon Buxton in Dorset, we were learning how to read omens and portents from the most traditional shamanic methods… such as the direction a bird flies across the sky, or the pictures that clouds form. But the less traditional ways were also becoming clear to us, like the messages on car number plates, and certain numbers appearing in threes.

So this is always how it is … for me, anyway… living magically. I get the practical teaching before I get the theory. I was being taught to teach shamanism before I was actually a shaman. I was living at the most magical of addresses before I could understand the meaning of why.

I really would prefer the ‘why’ to come before the ‘how’, but it never does. I’m that annoying sort of person who can only believe something when I can see the reasoning for it. I need what I’m being asked to believe to be rooted into some sort of system, and the older the better. That’s why I never could take to any New Age religions and cults… they seemed to be floating like fluffy clouds in the air with no supply lines from the past to anchor and feed them with new energy.

Anyway, all this is to say that I’ve recently learned not only the meanings of the numbers as messages, but more importantly, the ‘why’ for them.

I’ve been experiencing a dawning realisation that we are living in a simulation, a song that has been sung into creation by the creator and, as with any music, numbers are crucial … how many beats to a bar, how long to pause between the notes…in other words, the numbers in music dictate the rhythm of the song and, in this simulation, the rhythm of our life stories.

I have recently learned that 777 meant the practical application of the Mystery School teachings – the practical application of the Mystery Teachings is shamanism, which I was just beginning to train to teach then. But …arse backwards and widdershins as ever!… it wasn’t until I came to live in my house here, numbered 4, that I began to learn the Mystery School theory, including what the numbers mean.

If you’re interested, here are the meanings for the rest of the numbers, which, by the way, come from the late Alice Bailey, an early 20th century teacher of theosophy:

  • 111 means a flow of energy, a current, whether actual currency or electricity or electromagnetic frequencies, or water.
  • 222 means the beginning of a new cycle, a new verse within the song.
  • 333 means you have to make a decision based on what you learn in 666 (which is not the Devil!) or if you don’t learn it there, you have to repeat the lesson at 999.
  • 444 means the Mystery Schools at the theory stage.
  • 555 means unity consciousness – the master of all levels of the verse, or the song
  • 666 means ground yourself in your physicality and pay attention. We are made of carbon, which consists of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons.
  • 777 means Mystery Schools practical application.
  • 888 means completion of a cycle, a verse within the song.
  • 999 means completion of the over-arching cycle, the end of the song.

So these numbers work for me… I’d be interested to hear if they work for you too! Please let me know in the comments.