Meeting your eternal flame in the Otherworlds

I love it when the dream fairies give me a teaching in the Otherworlds, and then throw hard evidence for it across my path in this one. Once upon a time, they taught me how the knowledge about the fine stitching of sacred love magic, hidden in fairy stories, was shown symbolically in the weaving and spinning of yarns.

Madonna of the Yarn Winder by Leonardo da Vinci

Within days of that revelation, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of Madonna of the Yarn Winder turned up in my life, when before I’d had no knowledge of it.

The yarn is the symbol of the etheric connection we make with the Higher Self of our Beloved in the Otherworlds, which binds us together in the weave of the Web. Above, you can see that the young Christ child is holding the implement that the yarn is wound around, known in those days as a niddy-noddy. Today, we have bobbins.

Now, if you know anything about sewing machines – I didn’t! – you’ll know that the bobbin is housed in its compartment under the metal plate of the feed dogs, and it has to be wound full before the needle can bring down from above the other yarn of thread on the spool pin, to hook to it, so that the two together can make the stitching.

So how ever you get into the Otherworlds is up to you. There are many different methods. But they all rely on intention as the main driver of your vehicle. So once you’ve made your intention to meet your eternal flame, you can let your rocket ship do the rest.

But how does interdimensional lovemaking relate to our lives in this world? Is it a given that we will meet our eternal flame in this world, after meeting with them in the Otherworlds? Will his or her Higher Self manifest in our lives on Earth?

I drew this diagram so that I could remember what my spirits taught me about this process.

The alchemical process of sacred love magic by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut, copyright July 2022.

The dotted line in red shows the Higher Self of the male feeding the yarn down through the thread guide to the female Lower Self below. The man is also going through the same yarn feeding process, via the blue dotted line, with the female’s Higher Self.

Together, energetically, they make a saltire cross, also known as the St Andrew’s cross.

The whole process is overlighted by the vital alchemical catalyst of Mercury.

Astronomically, the male and female in this world represent, respectively, Mars and Venus, as shown by the symbols, while the Higher Selves represent the Sun and the Moon. This leads to the alchemical process of the Higher Selves together making the holy sacrament of the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, in the honeymoon bed of the conception of the Child of the Philosopher, or the Philosopher’s Stone.

The male Mars and female Venus roles are performed separately and independently. The two may never have even met, at this stage. Only when the Venus female’s bobbin is wound fully, and the Mars man’s reel of thread on the spool pin on top is also full, will he be able to bring down his needle to make the stitching.

The phallic imagery is clear enough. If they were to meet before this process is completed, and his “needle comes down” before either reel is full, no stitch can be made.

From Cinderella (1950) by Disney

If you’ve read my article about the underlying, occult meaning of the story of Cinderella, then you’ll understand the symbolism of why the cotton reels are in a shoe, in this still above, from Disney’s 1950s animated version of Cinderella.

I couldn’t resist showing this old treadle sewing machine, like the one my grandmother used to have, and which she handed down to my mother, to illustrate the importance of the ancestors in this shamanic process.

Old Singer treadle sewing machine

You will need to journey to the ancestors to ask for their help and also for the family bobbin – or maybe they will better recognise the term niddy-noddy? –  which they have been holding in trust until you are ready.

By the way, don’t you just love it that the best and oldest sewing machines are called Singers? Exactly the right instrument for singing the song of love that this universe is made from. Happy spooling!

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