Finding your place on the wheel of the Pluto-Aquarius revolution

Shamanic training

Today, for the first time in two centuries, the god of the Underworld with his deeply hidden secrets is connecting with the hive mind of humanity. Pluto is entering the zodiac sign of Aquarius…and by the time he finally leaves it, in 2044, the collective consciousness will be totally transformed. We can already see it exploding all around us, as the Old Guard rushes to protect and consolidate their assets and railroad any exposure of their dark deeds. They will fail…just as they failed to stop the French and American Revolutions between 1777 and 1798, which was the last time Pluto journeyed through Aquarius.

But where do we fit into such a revolution? We need to know … because if we haven’t yet found our place on this astrological spinning wheel, we may be subsumed with negativity and fear, caught up in a downward spiral, a vortex, a black hole into depression and hopelessness, and wondering why on Earth we chose to be here now.

The truth is, we have all chosen to be here now. So complaining about it is about as useful as going on safari to Africa and then complaining that there are lions. Instead, we need to find our way through this tangled jungle — or the dark forest, as it’s often described in ancient myths when the initiate is on the verge of spiritual initiation.

Why did we choose to incarnate now? Did we just want a front row seat to witness the worst atrocities ever being carried out against mankind? Did we want to see how mass global communications could cause mass genocide and suicide? Are we just interdimensional, ghoulish ‘hungry ghost’ tourists of war zones? I think not. Each and every single one of us has an individual purpose to incarnating here and now. But it’s only by contacting our spirit guides in the other dimensions that we can learn our destiny and the meaning of our life.

That is the role of the shaman. It is not to storm Capitol buildings. It’s a more inward-facing role. Shamans go, in trance and usually by the beat of the drum, into the other dimensions, to get guidance and healing from the spirit guides, and the revelation of their destiny.

Only our spirit guides know our destiny. And so if you don’t yet know your spirit guides, or are not in regular communication with them, you will be more likely to go rushing off on the wild goose chases along breadcrumb trails laid down by the distractors of the game. We are are in a simulation … or at the very least, if we mentally frame this life as a computer game, we’re more likely to find the way to where we need to go, instead of just ending up as a powerless NPC (non-player character) being blown hither and thither by the turbulent winds of change.

If you are not yet in touch with your spirit guides, I can teach you how. That’s how you Pay to Play, to join in the dance of the collective that’s being catalysed by the alchemy of Aquarius, symbolised by The Star Tarot card.

I am now open here in Somerset, England, until Samhain at the end of October, for customised, one-to-one training, which takes the form of a shamanic initiation and helps you to open your third eye, so that you can see into the other dimensions and meet your spirit guides there for their advice and guidance.

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Just Contact Me for a free phone consultation about how I can help you with my one-to-one, customised shamanic training, and we can arrange the best time for you to come.

Advanced shamanic training

Pluto is often described as the Great Revealer because he uncovers what can appear, to our untutored minds, as the terrors of the dark forest — until we find out how we can use those adversities to our advantage. He is often compared to the dragon in ancient myths, who sits on a great hoard of gold treasure in the Underworld. What is that treasure? It is the result of alchemically turning the lead of the human being into the gold of enlightenment through the trials and challenges we face here, just like the mythological hero.

This Plutonic part of our consciousness is often compared to the seven-eighths of the iceberg under water. However, even though it’s not visible, it is still the main driver of our lives. It has to be. This sea serpent knows all the appointments we have to meet in this lifetime, if we are to fulfill our destiny. The chatterbox above it, the cerebral cortex, is just a computerised autopilot – and I’m sure you know the saying: rubbish in equals rubbish out. So if your dragon is asleep at the helm… well, expect whirlpools, sirens and rocks ahead. Or you could come to me, and I’ll teach you how to we wake it up!

Pluto is also described as a generational planet, and so if we can manage to transform the challenges set to our generation by our ancestors, that will feed through into the zeitgeist of the collective being catalysed by Aquarius, to help fire the spiritual revolution.

Pluto also governs power itself, and as I’m sure you know, finding and standing in our own power has been the work of all of us in this generation, including fighting for the sovereignty of our countries. Reclaiming your power can only be achieved with the help of your dragon, and once you’ve learned how to do this, you will be changed forever.

Over these three days – at a time that’s best for you – I will teach you how to waken your Plutonic dragon so that he can become your new best friend in helping you to dance the spinning wheel of the revolution.

If you think that I can help, please do Contact Me to arrange a free phone consultation, so we can work out where you are on your path, and how to best navigate your way forward.