Finding your place on the wheel of the Pluto-Aquarius revolution

Shamanic training Today, for the first time in two centuries, the god of the Underworld with his deeply hidden secrets is connecting with the hive mind of humanity. Pluto is entering the zodiac sign of Aquarius…and by the time he finally leaves it, in 2044, the collective consciousness will be totally transformed. We can already…

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Are you destined to become a shaman?

This purpose of this video is to help people recognise whether they are budding shamans. I felt compelled to make it because I’ve realised there’s not much out there to help the person on their way to becoming a shaman …to even know if they are on the right path, or just going completely crazy!…

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Soul Retrieval: What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

What is shamanic soul retrieval, who needs one and why? How did the knowledge of this vital healing technique get forgotten about, and how is it being recovered today – in an age where its benefits are needed more than ever? How can you tell whether you are suffering from soul loss, and would be…

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