Opening the Third Eye

I received guidance last Easter to offer darkness training which helps to open the third eye, to create optimal conditions for better visioning. I began in June and it was a great success. However, I then had to stop because I needed to recover from a hospital operation … but this is just to say I am starting up again now with this training here in Glastonbury.

I’ve been practising this form of visioning myself for about 20 years because it’s a very good and easy way to activate the pineal gland or third eye with our own natural DMT which is organically released by the means of darkness. No other chemicals are needed.

If you’d like to consider this one-to-one training with me in Glastonbury, do Contact Me to discuss making arrangements to come.

To find out more about what darkness training is and how it all works, please read on.


We all suffer from light pollution – even in the spiritual world which is so often all about light. But just as the sun sets at the end of the day, so the spiritual light needs to balanced by the spiritual darkness. And so what I will be teaching you will give you a deep dive down into the black peat of your own inner permaculture, so that you can encourage new growth in the seeds of wisdom already implanted there

Darkness training is a shamanic practice, but it does not require the usual method of being drummed into a trance state. It’s as easy as dreaming. It’s just a simple way of inner visioning that will take you deep into the black soil of your mind. This realm is called the “glittering blackness” by mystics, because the silver light sparkles against it almost like the phosphorent, iridescent life-forms found in the deepest, darkest trenches of the oceans.

The Amazonian shamans refer to this realm as “forest television”. My own experience is that no panorama in our bright waking outer world even comes close in its beauty to what can be seen in this deepest blackness, and it is intensely healing. It is an enchanted realm that is so magnificently wondrous, I hesitate to try to wield clumsy old words to describe it. But in some ways, the diamond ring stage of an eclipse comes close in that the primary moving and shapeshifting forms are jet black and silhouetted against the light of a thousand suns blazing behind them.

Diamond ring effect. View of the diamond ring effect seen during a partial phase of the total solar (Sun) eclipse which occurred on February 26th 1998.

Sometimes there are huge black mountains with deep crevasses beaming out Strobe lights; sometimes there are great waterfalls of white platinum light tumbling down into the depths of the darkness. There are silvery flowers in etheric embryo form, and ferns and feathers – and some lifeforms that are completely indescribable.

I believe that this dark matrix is the same dark matter that is referred to by the astrophysicists. To them, dark matter is invisible, because their outward-facing telescopes cannot see it in outer space. But this dark matter is highly visible to the third eye in inner space, where we can watch it lovingly sparking the whole creation into life.


Diving into this inner blackness is a way of visioning that I was taught early on in my shamanic training, more than 20 years ago. I was initiated by Simon Buxton who, along with Ross Heaven, went on to write a book about this practice titled Darkness Visible.

I found it was a great catalyst to get my third eye to open without any of the pressure of having to go on any kind of journey, because I was finding it difficult at first to see anything. Like many in the West, inner eye had become dormant and ossified after a lifetime of disuse, and buried under a ‘tomb’ erected as a sorry by-product of the Standard Western Diet.

Otherwise known as the pineal gland, the third eye is at the base of the grail cup-shaped hypothalamus, and it becomes calcified when we don’t get enough D3 and K2 vitamins to manage our calcium properly. A lot of this chalky solution ends up in places where it shouldn’t be, such as coating our arteries as well as our pineal gland. Fluoride can also cover the third eye in a sort of thick white slime which, strangely enough, is a similar consistency to toothpaste.

There are various dietary methods for descaling the pineal gland, but the most powerful way of all is just to activate it. I’ve found that diving into the darkness is the best way to fire it into life because it forces the brain to produce its own natural dreaming chemical of dimethyltryptamine aka DMT. It is a bit like dynamiting the ‘tombstone’ that the third eye is buried under and once freed, it ignites into activation.

Thus no illegal drugs are necessary to create these conditions. There are also no drumming protocols nor axis mundis to remember. It is just about simply slipping gently into the glittering blackness, the permaculture of the soil of the mind, and just by engaging with it, you will ‘water’ the germinating growth of the seedlings of wisdom there that will then go on to manifest in your life. So do get in touch with me if you are interested. I will be running these one-to-one training sessions until Samhain.