The Achilles’ Heel of the Western ‘elites’

As some of you may know, I often turn to the ancient myths, left to us by our ancestors, for advice and guidance about the issues facing us today. The classical Greek myth about Achilles and his heel contains much wisdom about how the mighty are toppled, and quite quickly too, due to a minor, or overlooked vulnerability, at the early planning stages.

So if we’re feeling quite overwhelmed by the sheer size, scale and speed of the roll-out of Usual Suspects agenda to control us, via the Great Reset, we may not realise that it is that sheer size, scale and more importantly, speed of that roll-out that is, in itself, their Achilles Heel.

If you’re not familiar with the story, let me explain. Achilles was the greatest and fiercest warrior of all time, and he starred in the Greek myths that used the Trojan Wars as a story device. Achilles’ mother had protected him, as a babe, by dunking him in the River Styx, and this had given him a sort of Otherworldly, invisible armour. However, she had held him by the left heel, which was not submerged in the water. So all was well until the battle for Troy, when Paris shot Achilles in the heel of his foot with a poisoned arrow, and it killed him.

This is what’s meant by a tragedy – as opposed to a comedy – in Greek drama. A tragedy is not just when something bad or fatal occurs. A tragedy is when the seed for the bad or fatal event is sewn in the pattern of a person’s life from the outset. It just needed the right conditions to flower.

So this tragedy could not have been avoided; the means of Achilles’ death was inbuilt into the journey of his life, when his mother failed to submerge his left foot. It is a story about the inevitability of a failure that’s already built in to the weave… and I see that inevitability of failure today.

The Achilles’ Heel of the Western ruling elite is huge and highly visible. They are going too far, too fast.

I understand that we can be intimidated into keeping quiet and cowed about their dangerous Dr Strangelove lunacy, which threatens the wellbeing of any humans they’re given to lord it over. But we’re only intimidated because we think they must be cleverer than us. So we’re convinced that they must know what they’re doing.

I can promise you, they are not cleverer than us and most of them haven’t a clue what they’re doing. Their only weapon is stealth and secrecy, and once the public square finds out what they’re up to, their power vanishes, just as Dracula dissolves in the bright light of day.

The political class is increasingly made up, these days, of professional politicians who’ve never been able to hold down a job in the real world, as most of us have. And even as they’ve climbed the greasy pole in the political corridors of power, they are promoted upwards every time they fail. Merit has no merit in this world. Being good at what you do is scorned. It is all about who you know and how much dirt you have on them, and how compliant you are to those blackmailing you.

Admittedly, the roll-out of the New World Order agenda, by stealth, has been quite impressive in its elegance and intricacy. I’ve sometimes had to stop and draw breath, to admire its artful, labyrinthine complexity. But the people ruling us today had no hand in this plan. It is a blueprint for control designed by people who are either now dead or on the way out; one of them is Henry Kissinger, and he is calling out to them to “hold on a minute”… but they are ignoring him.

Most politicians – and I’ve met quite a few – are intellectual dwarves and bimboes. They don’t have sufficient brain cells, or experience of life, to come up with any kind of plan. They can only follow one already laid down for them, like painting by numbers. That’s why their only response to failure is to double down.

I wanted to put this out there, because I do sense, sometimes, that some of you are intimidated by them. Don’t be. Their Achilles Heel is that they are dumb, and because of that lack of intelligence and wisdom, they are going too far and too fast in the path on their vulnerable feet. They are in a panic, especially since their much-vaunted unipolar world, which they’d planned to dominate, will now only apply to the Five Eyes countries, while a much richer-in-resources multipolar world is growing up fast all around them.

They can join the new multipolar world…they are being invited in. There is room for everybody. But they don’t want that. They are not able to understand it. Their only blueprint for rule – the one they have inherited – is one of dominion over everyone else, and their tanks have no reverse gear. This was all fine and dandy when they were bolstered by the riches of empire… but it won’t work anymore.

There is much wisdom in the Greek myths. They were left to us by our ancestors so that we “heroes” and “heroines” can use them today as a guide to finding our way through the labyrinth of the Minotaur. I explain how we can use myths in this way, and give lots of examples, in my book Stories in the Stars.

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