Shamanic healing for 2022

During these darker, shorter days, I’ve been plunging deep into my back cupboards and rummaging around to pull out a virtual corncucopia of shamanic healing modalities that I’ve been practising for more than 20 years, and then dusting them off with the words: “Your time has come.”

Why, you might ask? Well, because it seems to me that whatever happens in the upcoming year on the world stage, in order to successfully navigate it all, we will need to be firing on all cylinders with radiant good health and glowing self-confidence. This can only be achieved by meeting and healing the shadows that are caused by trauma, which are stored in the subconscious of our mind-body-spirit fields. When these shadows are not processed shamanically, they weigh us down like sacks on our backs so that our footsteps are heavy and slow. 

We are in fact at war … but unlike the Blitz of World War 2, it’s not so easy to gain comfort and camaraderie in joining together to defeat the foe. This war is so covert and its gas-lighters so effective, that many good folk don’t recognise who the enemy actually is. We often don’t even know who ‘we’ are, so successfully have we been divided, every which way, against one another. So the conscious minds of some are telling them that just being good and obeying government edicts will get them through, but at the same time, their subconscious minds are grumbling and rumbling like volcanoes below, trying to signal to them that all is not as it seems.

This disassociation from their rootedness brings on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of shame, guilt, depression and grief. But they can be welcomed in the right hands, in the safe hands of the shamanic healer, because it’s the signal that the time has come to bring to the surface and dispose of all that no longer serves our best interests.

 If you are a healer yourself, you will find that many of these techniques are simple enough to help, and to pass on to those who wouldn’t be interested in shamanism per se, but can gain quite rapid transformations from this sort of healing anyway. You don’t have to call it shamanic healing.

You can introduce them as simply new holistic therapeutic tools which they can go on to use themselves at home. That, in itself, is immensely self-empowering and a far cry from having to queue on endless waiting lists to see a counsellor or a behavourial therapist with hugely expensive fees. They no longer have to be patients … they can heal themselves. 

So I’ll be opening up again on the Spring Equinox for one-on-one customised sessions in which you will be able to learn this trauma-healing modality over three days, and I’ve broken it down as follows: 

Day One: The Ecstasy of the Heart

Magnetise your future towards you

 I recently put out a series of videos about The Ecstasy of the Heart technique, which you may have heard. Episode 1 is here:

But in a one-to-one setting and with more time available to us, I will be able to take you much deeper into that meditation, so much so that it will form the foundation for the rest of the three days work. 

This technique is excellent for any form of dis-ease connected with trauma, like PTSD, because it fast tracks us into the eternal quantum dimensions of the present moment, where none of the pain of the past exists, and none of the fear about the future. Once you’ve received the gift of the blissful present, it imprints on the body a new memory although it can feel like an old one. Just as an aroma of a rose reminds us of summer, this feeling re-minds our bodies of time when we felt much more free and thus more content. The body doesn’t just have a physical muscle memory; it has an emotional muscle memory too. It remembers how it felt to feel good – it just needs re-minding. And so it doesn’t take long for it to reawaken that memory and realise that it would much rather feel good again!

With this technique, we don’t have to try to let go of depression or grief …it is just that those emotions have no place in the world that, after journeying through the dragons of abyss and receiving the gift of the present, we have now come full circle to enter again. It is the return of the mythological hero.  

After that, you will go on to learn how to do Soul Retrieval and I’ve written an article here about it if you’d like to know more.

Shamanic soul retrieval is one of the most ancient and, at one time, widespread methods of shamanic healing. And it is no different today in that it provides very good way of recovering what we have lost in terms of our wholeness and our vitality. You will experience it as I give you a soul retrieval while, at the same time, showing you how I’m going about it, so that you can go on to use it with your clients.

Day Two: The Ecstasy of the Sacristy

Beauty and the Beast

Sexual guilt and shame is a big problem in our society, and yet many people don’t even realise they’re carrying it because it’s being hidden, in our subconscious minds, by the gigantic shadow of the Beast.

This ‘beast’ is regularly fed by various initiatives like the women’s movement and the #metoo programming, which have been nothing short of an attack on where the strength and power of the male pysche lies. 

I should hasten to add that nobody will actually be having sex during this training and that everyone will keep their firmly clothes on! This is merely about releasing the guilt and shame associated with sex. 

All the focus of this work will be directed to the sacristy of the sacrum, the most sacred part of the body.

As psychologist Carl Jung wrote: 

“The great problem of our time is that we don’t understand what is happening to the world. We are confronted with the darkness of our soul, the unconscious. It sends up its dark and unrecognizable urges. Our values are shifting, everything loses its certainty, even sanctissima causalitas has descended from the throne of the axioms and has become a mere field of probability. Who is the awe-inspiring guest who knocks at our door portentously?” 

I will show you how to recognise that awe-inspiring guest again, which will cause huge waves of magnetics to be released from the sanctum of your sacrum. Once that magentic wave is released, it is so powerful that nothing can stand in its way. Once it’s buzzing through your mind-body-spirit world, nothing will stand in your way either! The mind is rendered too awe-struck to continue with its ceaseless chatter and so you will dissolve into peace and bliss. 

After that, we will go on to some shamanic mask work, which I’ve found to be a very effective way of using talismanic art and acting skills to release and dispel any remaining underworld monsters of shame and guilt. 

Day Three: The Ecstasy of the Gods

“Step in time, Mary Poppins”

One of the first things I noticed when I began to study comparitive mythology is that the dragon-slaying hero, no matter which culture honoured him and under whatever name, only becomes a hero because he gets otherworldly help.

However, this otherworldly help is very specific and organised. In fact, it runs like clockwork. So this brings us to the importance of timing, which the alchemists of old knew about, which the Grailkeepers have always attempted to preserve and which the Time Bandits have always tried to disrupt and steal.What successive generations of Time Bandits, over successive millennia, have tried to hide from us is the Holy Grail, which is the knowledge that the gods, or the spirits that govern the planets, are more available and accessible to us at certain times of each day.

So if you’d like this extra help yourself, I can teach you how to step in time with that alchemical-astrological timetable.

So that’s about it…

… except to say we will also make time for walks in the Abbey, or the Chalice Well Gardens, or to the orchard on the Tor … you will need that for grounding and earthing in between all the great recovery work you’re doing. If you want to do some of this program, but not all of it, that’s absolutely fine too. 

The first step is to organise a free phone consultation with me so that we can sort out what will be best for you. Just drop me an email at, and we’ll arrange a day and a time to speak, and then put some dates in our calendars.

You can come any time, weekdays or weekend, from the time of the Spring Equinox until I close again at Samhain.

I will be putting out lots more videos in the upcoming year, and so you can find me on







Anyway, that just leaves me to wish you an absolutely Ecstatic New Year! I’ve really appreciated all your support and feedback you’ve given me on my work. May you keep attracting your desired future towards you so that the coming year brings you your brightest dreams and may a million blessings rain down upon your families!