The Dragon Whisperer’s Son

I’m delighted to be able to let you know that The Dragon Whisperer’s Son is now published and available here on Amazon in paperback and for Kindles. I’m also keeping the price low – for the next few weeks – of all three books in The Glastonbury Chronicles series so that you can buy them all more easily.

This first book of The Glastonbury Chronicles was inspired by an ancient, ageless Celtic tale which has now been brought to life to serve the healing needs of the 21st century, and it recounts the rite-of-passage to manhood adventures of the child of Gwyddion and Arianrhod.

The very name ‘Gwyddion’ means ‘wise one of the forests’, and so who better to turn a ramble through an enchanted forest into a magical mystery tour that leads to a dragon’s cave of esoteric treasures in the Misty Mountains?

As we follow his son through the trials and challenges designed to help him develop the cunning and the wisdom he will need to fill his father’s shoes, we also benefit from the teachings he receives on bird magic, flower magic, tree magic, star magic and weather magic. In this way, we undergo a similar metamorphosis, and so we are not the same person that we were when we were when we first entered the forest, and we may even begin whispering to the dragons of the Misty Mountains ourselves.

But this not just a book about magic…

It has been the role of the shamanic storyteller, from time immemorial, to use prose, poetry and song to help others to face and integrate their shadows. In other words, to guide the reader or listener to find parts of their lost fragmented selves in the mythological Never Never Lands, and then to bring them back to reintegrate them, to become whole again.

The purpose of our ancestors’ myths is always healing, and this story is no exception in that it puts us back together again holistically – emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Each chapter of this entrancing mystery tale is devoted to bringing to life one of the twelve psychological subconscious archetypes – such as The Innocent, The Lover, The Sage, The Magician and The Fool.

You will find, in every episode, an object lesson about what happens when we get stuck in an archetype’s shadow, and see how it leads to a myriad of difficulties such as painfully disappointing relationships with others, dissatisfaction with our situation and an inability to find meaning in our lives.

So along with all the training in Earth magic, this tale takes us on an inner journey in which we meet characters that are suffering from being trapped in their own shadows. Resonating with them and their situations, and watching how they deal with them, helps us to realise when we’re experiencing something similar.

In The Dragon Whisperer’s Son, we also find the genesis of the love story on Earth of the twin souls, Gwyddion and Arianrhod, and we learn about the shadow play that sparked such shocking events which prompted Arianrhod’s banishment to her Upper World ice palace.

In reading this tale, we soon realise that the problems of the human condition that our ancestors faced are no different to the problems we have to deal with today. And so this is how a shamanic storyteller in the British indigenous tradition heals, by guiding you through  the Shadowlands of the Celtic Twilight so that you can find your lost self there and bring it home.

You can buy The Dragon Whisperer’s Son here on Amazon.

You can buy all three books of the Glastonbury Chronicles series here on Amazon, or read more about them here.