The magic of metamorphosis

I tend to avoid listening to those who insist that people should “wake up” – because it’s actually none of their business whether someone “wakes up” or not. I would also never engage with anyone who uses the term “sheeple” or “muggles” because it betrays a stage of ignorance they are going through in their own path. Those terms are unnecessarily offensive and do not encompass the true state of the undeveloped individual.

Initiates of the Mysteries prefer to use the term “children” because they understand that these newcomers to Earth are like innocent infants in terms of their knowledge – and they are not going to “wake-up” until it is their right time, any more than a butterfly can emerge from its chrysalis until a certain stage of development is reached.

Human souls spend many lifetimes incarnating and reincarnating on Earth, learning the basic fundamentals – metaphorically speaking, their ABCs and their two-times tables. After they’ve learned those lessons, they can go on to learn a far greater science, one that existed long before the myopic, material science of today. It is a much more gigantic, holistic, all-encompassing science about how this universe really works, and it is known as hermetics.

The initiates of the hermetic Mysteries were known as Mages.

Mages were proficient in the arts of astronomy, astrology, alchemy and sacred geometry because, once you’ve learned how the stars and vibrational numbers and frequencies generate, maintain and destroy an object – any object – you can align yourself with those forces and then take it apart and rebuild it into something else. That’s what magicians do.

I have set out a clear path in my books for “children” or beginners to take the first steps into learning this greater science. The wisdom you will gain from them comes from my own training as an initiate over many lifetimes, and from my own personal experiments as a result.I’m still wearing L-plates, but I know enough to be able to help those just a few steps behind me.

I mainly use this magic to break up obstacles in my path to self-realisation and to get magical help to meet all my challenges, which were written in the stars at the time of my birth.

I’m only interested in turning the dense lead of this human being into bright, shining gold. Carl Jung also referred to this process as “reincarnating into your own life”. Insulting the “children” is abusive and does not help this process at all. Our role is to protect them while they are still growing and developing, just as our parents protected us