The number of the soul

I’m using the word ‘soul’ in the context of meaning ‘who we really are’. When we are ‘who we really are’, we are perfectly aligned and in harmony with our pilgrim path through this life below, and with the stars above from whence we came.  

However, we need to open the doors of our perceptions to connect with this force. Once we do so, our mind-body-spirit world automatically adjusts and gets us back into balance and harmony. The easiest way to achieve this equilibrium is to simply bathe our bodies in the blissful waves of music tuned to 432 Hz – but we don’t know why…until we study the Mysteries of Time and Space a little further.

As Above So Below, by AlanaGW on Deviant Art

I first came across the number 432 when I was India, during the Nineties, studying the Vedic scriptures. One of the first things I noticed was the preponderance of the number 432 in all those myths – whether it was the length of an age or the length of a distance run. In other words, just about every measurement used for Time or Space was either 432 or a multiple of it. So that was a big hint right there to the key to the Mysteries of Time and Space.

The understanding of the healing nature of music tuned to 432 hz is attributed to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. However, many of the ancient Vedic fire altars exhibit proportions based on Pythagorean geometric principles, yet were built thousands of years before Pythagoras lived.

Later on, I learned that all the great megalithic sites around the world – such as Stonehenge and the Great Sphinx of Giza – also demonstrated knowledge of the 432 principle in their architecture.

But it was only in trying to understand the importance that our ancient forebears put on eclipses that the whole, holographic, microcosm within macrocosm message about 432 began to open up to me like a flower.

This is because the diameter of the Moon is 2,160 miles, which is 4,320 halved. At the same time, the diameter of the Sun is 864,000 miles (2 x 432,000). When the Moon crosses the Sun in an eclipse, it only looks to us on Earth as if they are the same size, because of our unique perspective.

So 432 is the geometric key to the number of the eclipse – or the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon.

Power of the Sun and Moon by NightSkyW on Deviant Art

But where do we fit into these great cosmological cycles above? What does it all mean to our own lives here below?

Well, as you know, there are 24 hours in an Earth ‘day’ or 86,400 seconds. So if we halve that number, we find that a day is 43, 200 seconds long and that a night is the same length.

The average heart rate for a human being is 60 beats per minute. Multiply that by 60 minutes and it gives us 3,600 beats per hour, which is 43,200 times every 12 hours and 86,400 every 24 hours – in other words, the exact same time the Earth takes to travel each day around the Sun, which is 864,000 miles across.

So from this perspective, the human being is a multi-dimensional generating organ between the Above and the Below, with our hearts beating to the rhythm of the macrocosmic heartbeat of Time and Space. We are not just a cosmic mistake – a random collision of chemicals. We are part of it all. We are integral to the whole.  That’s why when we listen to music attuned to 432 hertz, we reclaim that integrity and reconnect with our source and feel good again.

The clues to how we can be aligned with a peaceful and harmonious existence are literally strewn across this planet in plain view, so long as you have the eyes to see them. They are in the stone circles, the fire altars, the pyramids, the temples, the churches, the synagogues and the mosques.

In fact, the number 432 is the buried heart seed that unites all religions, that is the generating spark for the blooming of the flower of life. You could say that it is the god principle … no matter the name that different races choose to give that god. It is the number of the soul. Whatever does not support these sacred principles of life – whether in the construction of music, buildings, artworks, dramas or paintings – we call ‘evil’ because that word spells ‘live’ backwards. In other words, it is the opposite of the eternal principles that provide the cornerstone of the foundation of a balanced, harmonious and thus thriving lifestyle; its ‘house is built on sand’, not on the rock of ages.

I like to think our ancient forebears engraved these principles in stone because it is one of the hardest-wearing material on this planet, and thus they left these messages for future generations to learn these secrets and find peace and harmony on Earth.  Kings and princes will forever come and go on the world stage with different ideas about how to organise those whom they rule, but the sacred geometric principles that govern who we are and how we feel about our lives will always be with us… until the end of time.