Thanksgiving and the Magic of the Dragon Clans

The convenient myth is that the American Founding Fathers were Deists and that the New World pilgrims first learned about the ceremony of Thanksgiving from Native Americans.

The inconvenient truth is that the Founding Fathers were the offspring of the mystically-inclined Dragon Clans who, in the 17th century, were hounded out of Britain in a form of violent ethnic cleansing.

These wise serpent sages, whose esoteric knowledge derived originally from the Pythagoreans, did not need help from the Native Americans in their understanding about how to connect with the spirits of their new land. They already knew that giving genuinely-felt thanks and gratitude to the Divine was the most powerful magical instrument that humans beings have in order to release a veritable cornucopia of goodness and mercy, but which is locked away in the treasure chest of our hearts until it is revealed by the guidance of an advanced “Dragon” or keeper of the Mysteries.

The Plymouth “pilgrims” were not actually pilgrims as such; after all, who ever heard of pilgrimage in which the pilgrims never go back home? The whole point of a pilgrimage is that you return to enrich your community with the hard won, heavenly gifts that you accrue from your travails along the long and winding path.

The “pilgrims” that settled the Americas were actually refugees who were fleeing from the puritanic, viscious zeal of those intent of defacing statues and stripping  church walls bare of the vivid colours that symbolised the processes and timings of the different stages of the Great Work of alchemy. This was the magical science that had made the Dragon Clans such powerful mages, particularly in the south-west of Britain, where they were mainly based. That is also why, out of all the ports available down the west coast of Britain, the Mayflower sailed in 1620 from Plymouth to ultimately establish the new Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.

Among them were families like the Adams, the Bidulphs (Bidwells), the Beales, the Hills and the Eastons. Most of those original Dragon clan colonists were descended from the Knights Templars. The Templars were crusading warriors who had originally learned the esoteric lore of communicating with the spirits of the land from a branch of the Pythagorean priesthood that taught a complex system of natural philosophy as old as the mathematics found on the Vedic fire altars of India, built more than 5,000 years ago. 

A food decoration for Erntedankfest, a Christian Thanksgiving harvest festival celebrated in Germany. By Bene16 – eignes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0

The fleeing Elizabethan families benefitted from the protection of their powerful, leading Dragon guides and mentors. The richest and most successful pirate of that period, Peter Easton, kept his ships permanently stationed along the coast of Newfoundland to protect the new settlements, and there is clear evidence from the alignments and decorations of their important buildings that those founding families had the same geo-mythic knowledge as Sir Francis Bacon, who played a leading role in setting up the New World settlements in Newfoundland, the Carolinas and Virginia.

Sir Francis Bacon is framed by two pillars on this Newfoundland stamp. They are the pillars of the entrance into the Temple of Solomon in Freemasonry, and are known as Boaz and Jachin. “Ajachana, the first name of Virginia, means Jachin” according to Cort Lindahl in his book, The Geographic Mysteries of Sir Francis Bacon.

As Bacon wrote in his Advancement of Learning (1605) Book II.

“I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the Tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, Orders and Fraternities for nobiity and obedience – the establishment of good laws for an example to the World.”

The Dragon clans went on to produce two presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, the latter being named after the part of the Massuchusetts in which the family patriarch, Henry, first settled. According to a monument erected by John Adams in Quincy, his father had taken the family into exile there ahead of the “dragon persecutions” of south-west of England.

There is still a memorial to the Adams family today in the 13th century church of Barton St David, the tiny, quintessentially-quaint village that they came from in the part of Somerset known as Avalon.

St David’s Church at Barton St David in Avalon, Somerset, England

Also in Avalon, near Cadbury Castle, you will find the old hamlet of Templecombe and the site of a preceptory of the Templars that dates back to the 12th century.

Avalon was the name that the Easton family gave to the area that they colonised in the United States, and it is where Cupid’s Colony and Ferryland were located: respectively, the land of Eros and the land of the faeries, otherwise known as the spirits of the land. Thomas Jefferson is thought to have also come from the Easton line.

We are still rediscovering today the vital estoteric knowledge that the Puritans tried to destroy in Britain, some of whom also migrated to the States after the 1622 Uniformity Act.

The Dragons, however, were not such Protestant or Calvinist fundamentalists. They were practitioners, if anything, of the Old Magic, connected with the land, which is the seedbed of the Christian religion.

The respected Earth Mysteries researcher Cort Lindahl, inThe Geographic Mysteries of Sir Francis Bacon, produces much evidence that he found around all the New World settlements of geomythic practices based on a knowledge of sacred geometry and energetic land alignments.

The problems of fundamentalism

To my way of thinking, the particularly dark human impulse that leads to fundamental iconoclasm is the direct antithesis of the gratitude and thanksgiving that is needed to spark the alchemical enlightenment in the individual. This makes it a handy political weapon for anyone who wants to use “victim groups” to overturn those who currently hold the levers of power in the body politic. It is a kind of puritanism that still rears its ugly head today, albeit via more secular forms of desire for fundamentalist reform through so-called “progressive” belief systems such as man-made climate change and veganism.

From my experience, it is a form of extremism that only arises in a population when the people lose touch with the deeper, inner meanings for which their outer religious belief systems are merely vehicles.  It is a fundamentalism that can move with swift terror, like an energetic wave of panic born from the culmination of consensual denial of a subconscious guilt over not fulfilling the spiritual destiny that we have incarnated into human form to pursue.

The knowledge of this true pilgrim’s path is hidden, as Bacon tells us, in the great cathedrals that the alchemist Fulcanelli described as “storybooks composed in the language of stone”. He writes in his The Mystery of the Cathedrals:

“ … I have never acquired a defence against the sort of rapture when faced with those beautiful picture books erected in our closes and raising to heaven their sculptured stone.

“In what language, by what means, how could I express my admiration? How could I show my thankfulness which fills my heart for everything they have taught me to appreciate, to recognise and to discover?”

Wells Cathedral by June Greenway

The visions of Fulcanelli were, of course, informed by the perception of the advanced initiate in these Mysteries. He is talking of his appreciation of the beauty of the symbols that represent the true knowledge about how what we call reality actually works.

This true science is kept from my masses who, through their subconscious disquiet, can be easily rendered into seething, raging mobs of fundamentalist iconoclasts. And in their born-again zeal, they end up tearing down the very signposts that they need to direct them to their enlightenment: all the picture clues that would have opened them up to the very knowledge that they need to thrive on their spiritual paths. This makes them “usual idiots” for the ruling elites who, once satisfied that enough of the “other sides” talismanic art has been destroyed, can then move quickly into the chaos to install the new order.

That is why I spend a lot of my time, these days, writing about the inner mysticism of the original Christianity. Just as in shamanism, which is at this religion’s deepest spiritual core, the seed magic of Christianity is experienced as a tangibly-felt inner transformation whenever we give genuine heartfelt thanks, gratitude and praise, such as Fulcanelli felt and Bacon taught, and all the great architects and composers created in their majestic masterworks.

I’m sure if the original Dragon clans were still with us, they would attest to the truth that no matter how dire and dreary the circumstances of one’s life, a heartily-celebrated Thanksgiving can transform the frequency of the human being’s energetic body to such an extent that it changes their very existence.

But first, people need to know why, and to whom, they are giving thanks. They need to learn the Mysteries.

If you feel that you’re starting at ground zero with these Mysteries, reading my book Stories in the Summerlands will get you off on the right foot.

It will allow me to take you much deeper into the estoric lore that is being gradually uncovered in the landscape of Avalon that was created by the Knights Templars and Dragon Clans, and managed to escape the worst of the religious purges of the last few centuries.

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