Thanksgiving for a new dawn in America on the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars

Today, Sandi Adams and I went to the church of St David, at Barton St David, which is situated on the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars at the effigy of the dove of peace in Libra, the sign most associated with justice.

Dove by Gail Cornwell, using Google Earth

We went to give thanks and offerings to the Fae, who gift the Sovereignty through the rivers of blood – the DNA – by which we are joined with our cousins across the ocean. We also thanked Sandi’s ancestors because it was there, at Barton St David, that her family line originated and it produced two very important US presidents, John Adams (1735 – 1826). and his son, John Quincy Adams (1767 – 1848).

John Adams was a Founding Father who helped to draft the Declaration of Independence. He was the first vice president of the United States to George Washington’s presidency and, in 1796, became the second president.

There is a memorial tablet on the wall, near the altar, that is surmounted by two American flags.


The bronze plaque reads as follows:

“To the glory of God, in honour of St David, and in memory of Henry Adams, born in the parish around 1583, and a founder of New England, 1638. Ancestor of two presidents of the United States, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, whose exalted services to their country evoke a testimony of respect for their ancestral home. This memorial has been erected by Edward Dean Adams, 1926.”


President Donald J Trump is often compared to the great patriot John Adams – but not always in  a good way. However, it’s interesting to note that both Trump and Adams were inspired mavericks confronted by globalist detractors whose voices are always articulated in the fake news of the gutter media of the day.

John Adams is described, like Trump, as an intellectual powerhouse, an equally independent thinker, but whose passionate outspokeness often caused him problems with the press. On the ninth anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, he signed the Alien and Sedition Acts. This act punished journalists who made what were deemed “false, scandalous and malicious” statements against government officials with both hefty fines and prison sentences. I wonder if CNN and Buzz Feed will find themselves in court over their ‘false, scandalous and malicious’ reporting in recent months?

Adam’s eldest son, John Quincy, was likewise always picking fights with the Buddhas or the cats and, for that reason, his term as the sixth president of the United States is generally regarded as a disaster, although he was a great success, after leaving the White House, as a diplomat.  As the chief negotiator of the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war of 1812, John Quincy Adams managed to get the Brits to agree to accept the status quo ante bellum. And ironically, given recent bogus claims about the Russians, John Quincy wrote the Monroe Doctrine – which decreed that that any intervention by external powers in the politics of the Americas is a potentially hostile act against the US.

It seems to me, from reading the runes, that the Adams line has been seriously downplayed in the records of history to the favour of his Secretary of State, Alexander Hamilton. The Adams birthplace at Barton St David is also not generally known about, nor the plaque over Henry Adams’ grave. Henry was the original Adams who emigrated to America and settled in Massachusetts, to escape, so the plaque tells us, “from the Dragons persecution”.

In any case, it seems to me that this is how the story of man continually plays out, with one team of Freemasonic types battling against the other team,  and that it’s probably been this way for more than a millennia.

For instance, is it just a coincidence that the musical Hamilton revises Alexander Hamilton’s role in the Adams administration to give him more importance, at Adams’ expense? Or that also Vice President Mike Pence was publicly humilated at that performance in what was obviously an orchestrated protest, planned well in advance, against Trump?

Alexander Hamilton

At one point, after the election, it was threatened to use a piece of legislation that had been crafted by the wily Alexander Hamilton, to support the electors overturning the vote for Trump.

Call me a batty old lady if you like, but it seems that all these great games are being played out on the world stage as we humbler people go about our lives oblivious.

I don’t know if the Adams Family team in the Otherworlds have been batting for Trump, or whether the Hamilton team has been batting against him. But let’s put it like this – if John Adams was alive today, he would definitely be taking the nationalistic, patriotic line and we’d find him on Twitter, tweeting at three in the morning, about the lying low-down, gutterstream press!

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