The Destination of the Mythological Hero and the Perpetual Choirs

The sole and soul purpose of the journey of the mythological hero is for him to ultimately join the perpetual choirs that are continually and joyously singing the praises of this magnificent creation, the resonance from the song lines of which fertilises and sustains its overarching, magnitudinal majesty.

At night, the Moon and the stars sing down to heal and refresh all living beings as they wander in their dreamworlds. Then the Earth begins its reciprocal magnificat at dawn when the rays of the Sun alight on the quartz in the stones, and the birds instantly strike up their own chorus to signal to the flowers that it’s time to open their silken petals in grateful acclaim.

Humans create a similar vocal expression when they form sacred oratorio choirs. These are often made up of many diverse individuals with different world views, but who have voluntarily come together to co-operate in order to create a sound key that is so sublimely magnificent, it opens hidden doorways in our hearts that lead to other worlds.

They create this enchanted offering by adhering to the lines in the musical scores of those Grailkeepers who magnaminously left us their magnus opuses, in which the sopranos sing the top line of the musical stave and the altos follow the line below them, with the tenors under the altos and below the tenors, the basses. This produces four different vocal melodies in what can be the most alchemically-magical and spiritually beneficial of music; those melodies having been composed in such a way as to produce complete harmony.

The rejuvenation of jubilation

Within the multi-layered sound tapestry being produced, there can be up to hundreds of different individual voices, and when their jubilation is  projected up into the lofty, fan-vaulted arches in a genuine expression of unconditional love and gratitude, the gods above the Magisterium attune via their own version of unique voice recognition, through the sacred geometrical and holographic technology of both the music and the building, and the ‘Above’ comes down to the ‘Below’.  

“Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music.”

18th century German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, the world’s largest fan vault, built from 1512 to 1515 by John Wastell, with William Vertue.

This is destination of the journey of the hero who stars in the myths bequeathed to us by our ancestors in stories, songs and dramas which they drew in the stars. It was to show us that the purpose of human life is to alchemically transform into a being whose heart is quickened with unbounded joy upon realising the extraordinary majestic love that weaves the electro-magnetic fabric of this universe with its spiralling, geometrically-aligned frequencies of sound, and thus redeem and rejuvenate our family lines by joining the eternally-resonant choir of creation.

Plato once said that when we look into the face of our beloved, we see there the reflection of the god to whose choir we once belonged.

In other words, to mis-quote another great philosopher of our own generation …”We can all be heroes… but not just for one day.”   The perpetual choirs sing for all eternity. The path of the hero is towards eternal life.

Many thanks to June Greenway for the featured photo of the golden arches of Wells Cathedral.

This was an extract from my book Stories in the Stars, in which I break down in much greater detail the alchemical and astrological journey of the mythological hero, and show how by understanding the deeper meaning of the events of his life, we can develop the pattern recognition which will help us to make better sense of our own today.