Where do we go when all the stories fail?

Where do we go when all the stories fail?

All the stories are failing. Fewer and fewer want to go and sit in big, draughty buildings with high ceilings – no matter how beautifully fan-vaulted – to hear them anymore. The picture below shows the purpose-made wooden pews of the 12th century church of St John the Baptist in Glastonbury, Somerset. Last week, they went to auction to be sold off to the highest bidder.

pews 2

So what will bind us together when all the stories are gone?

What about Hinduism? Would that work as our new story? Well, Hinduism is a bastardism of the original, more shamanic Vedic teachings and the Indians, particularly the hundreds of millions of poor Untouchables this dogma has created, would be much better off without it. Zoroastrianism is more or less Hinduism flipped on its head but with an emphasis on the fire god.

Buddhism still has its adherents, but as the comedian Owen Benjamin says:  “ … it’s about this mega rich bloke giving everything up and running away to meditate in a forest. You can only really give everything up when you already have everything.” My own experience of these kinds of cults is that when you “give everything up” some mega-rich bloke is standing right there with a bucket and a funnel that leads directly to his offshore bank account.

Even within Islam, there is a call for a reformation.

So where do we go when all the stories fail?

In my experience, when we go inside ourselves, we find the most ancient stories containing the cosmological wisdom that were intoned innumerous millennia ago by our ancestors into our Rivers of Blood or DNA. It is in inner space that we learn true wisdom, about what makes the world circumambulate the Wheel of Time and what makes us, as a fractal microcosmic part of the macrocosm, circumambulate the Wheel of our own lives, like a cog within a much larger watch made by Father Time, or Saturn.

I don’t mean that to sound coldly mechanistic. Cosmological processes only sound mechanistic when viewed through the lens of modern material science – which is another story that’s failing. It’s much more than that. It is holographic, organic and whollistic and is the true meaning of As Above, So Below. For me, it is the only true spiritual path, which is why it’s been sung into our Rivers of Blood, so that it can never fail us. We are the characters in these deeply-rich, multi-layered tapestries of stories, and we act them out every day in our actions under the Sun and every night in our dreams under the Moon.

These stories will bring us all together because they are what we are at our roots. And all the dogmas of all the religions are just corruptions of those inner stories.

As I explain in my book, “Stories in the Stars: What our ancestors were trying to tell us”, these ancient myths were not just en-chanted in rhyme into our Rivers of Blood by the shamanic storytellers of old. Those who came before us also wrote those stories in the stars and carved them into the land, and that is the subject of the book I’m currently writing, “Stories in the Land: A guide to esoteric Avalon.”

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