Debasing the currency of love on Facebook

The heart shape is shorthand in esoteric circles for the Vesica Piscis which represents fertility through the Sacred Marriage, otherwise known as “sex magic” in which the energetic serpents are fired to rise up from the perineum to reach the chalice or Holy Grail of the hypothalamus. There, they secrete the Red and White serpentine drops on to the pineal gland to cause an explosion of nectarous light that brings enlightenment and wisdom.

Vesica Piscis
red heart kiss

I’ve written in much more detail about the Sacred Marriage, and how to perform those sex rites, in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar. I explain that this process of love-making is an alchemical operation, and for this reason it is also known in occult lore as the Alchemical Marriage, which leads to greater wisdom and enlightenment.

As with any alchemical process, with sex magic you need a container to hold the “mixture” (the magnetic energies of you and your partner). So how do you build that alchemical container? It is with absolute trust and exclusivity that slowly develops between the loving couple, which you can help to construct through the exchange of occult symbols like the heart – a symbol that speaks to the “deeps” of the subconscious mind.

When we send those hieroglyphic messages to a member of the opposite sex, they register them in their subconscious as a promise of love, sex and fertility – even though their conscious mind often doesn’t realise it. That’s why when you send your lover a red heart on a card for Valentine’s Day, she is thrilled. But if you were to send a similar card with a red heart to all her neighbours, she wouldn’t be so thrilled. Quite the reverse.

To my way of seeing, this vital language has been largely corrupted on social media and we are destroying it out of ignorance. If you think about it, before the advent of Facebook and Instagram, we probably wouldn’t have even dreamt of sending hearts to a member of the opposite sex unless they were our lover. However, on social media, we seem to feel it’s OK to rush round hearting and kissing everyone, willy nilly (no pun intended!) and telling people we’ve never actually met that we love them. At the very least, to my understanding, this unconscious practise is debasing the value of the currency of the language of love and at its worst, it’s causing no end of confusion in the subconscious mind of the recipient.

So I tend not to put crosses and hearts in communications with friends of the opposite gender because I have this understanding about the importance and value of language and symbols and how they can be mobilised to create certain outcomes. I learned some of it from working as a copywriter in advertising; maybe you could start to notice, if you haven’t already, how often hearts and the word ‘love’ are used nowadays to get you to buy stuff you don’t need. I learned a lot more, though, from my spirit guides and they have led me to find it in the art and architecture of old churches, much of which has been preserved by the esoteric wing of the Freemasons.

I sometimes do send kisses and hearts to my own sex, the women, because I feel that is safe and won’t be misunderstood. Sending a heart to a member of my own sex is like sending her a fluffy kitten. But I don’t send them to the opposite sex because I know how their subconscious minds will read it, whether they’re aware of it or not. And like the seven-eighths of the iceberg that lies beneath the surface of the sea, our subconscious mind is a much more powerful driver of the direction of our lives than our conscious mind. Like John Lennon sang: “Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans.”