The Deluge and the Deep State



In putting together my chapter on the symbolic meaning of numbers in ancient myths for the new book, I was going to include this in the section on the number 17, but then changed my mind as I want Stories in the Stars to have a sort of timeless quality and not be pinned to current events. So I decided to share it with you here instead, because if you are one of my readers, you will likely have a more zoomed-out view of the psychological warfare currently being conducted against us by the Deep State and have noticed their use of the number 17 as a signal to each other that certain staged events – like false flag attacks which are often carried out on the 17th of the month – have been orchestrated to socially engineer the thinking of the masses.

So why the number 17? It’s because it is a foundational number in the story of Noah’s Ark, which the Deep State started acting out on the world stage a few years ago, to signal to one another that the depopulation game was beginning. If you remember, there were a couple of big Hollywood films that came out around 2014/2015, based on the story of Noah, and, at the same time, there was flooding – not least on the Somerset Levels here in England which we know was engineered deliberately. In the same year, the conductor Charles Hazelwood put on the opera Noyes Flood at the Bath and West Showground in Somerset. I know. I was there.

So this is the Genesis-based template they’re following:

Noah’s ark sailed on the 17th day of the month and then came to rest on Mount Ararat on the 17th of the month, five months later. This means that the ark was afloat for 150 days and if you divide 150 by 17, it is surely no coincidence you get 8.8, which makes Mount Ararat the foundation stone of the Zionist “temple” for the new world – or New World Order.

How does that work? Here is an extract from the new book about the meaning of the number eight.

Eight is the number of humans on the Ark in the Hebrew, Egyptian and Vedic versions of this ancient deluge myth that has it roots in a metaphorical mythos far older and with a deeper spiritual meaning than the Old Testament version, which I explain in the book. But basically, it is because eight is the holiest number, representing the  foundation stone of the creation.

There are eight humans on all three of the aforementioned deluge myths – four men and four women – and they are required to generate the human race anew from the octagon of a regenerated foundation stone.

The number eight is often expressed symbolically in artistic works as 888, making 8: 8 x 8 = 864. The late geomancer John Michell described it as the number of the foundation stone in the building of Jerusalem:

The number 864 is prominent in the temple measures, most of all in the 864-cubit distance between the two sacred rocks, the Rock of Foundation and Golgotha, or Place of the Skull. 

In the language of symbolic number, 864 pertains to a centre of radiant energy, the sun in the solar system… the inner sanctuary of the temple, the altar and the corner stone on which the whole sacred edifice is founded.

864 is called the ‘foundation number’ … and in the gematria of New Testament Greek, 864 corresponds to words or phrases such as ‘altar’, ‘corner stone’, ‘sanctuary of the gods’, ‘holy of holies’…

In fact, the number eight could not be more holy in terms of being not only wholly holistic but holographic. The DNA of the human consists of 64 (8 x 8) codons and even our hearts beat in time with the macrocosmic heartbeat of Time and Space. The average heart rate for a human being is 60 beats per minute; multiply that by 60 minutes and it gives us 3,600 beats per hour, which is 86,400 every 24 hours – in other words, the time the Earth takes to travel each day around the Sun, which is 864,000 miles across.

On top of that, 88 is the number of days it takes for Mercury to orbit around the Sun. The action of Mercury is pivotal to any alchemical or magical operation.

On a lighter note, the eightball in snooker is used to signal a major transformation both ways in the Disney version of the story of Pinocchio, which I’ve broken down in another chapter.

But this sacred cosmology is not just expressed in ancient myths; our early ancestors also created plays, dances, artworks, architecture and even board games and divinatory tools like the i-Ching, which use the number 8, or 8 x 8, as their foundation. That is why there are 64 (8 x 8) hexagrams in the i-Ching, 64 sections to the Eye of the Horus and 64 squares on a chess board. The Hindu Lord Shiva has 64 manifestations and there are 64 dakinis (female nature deities) mentioned in the Vedas.

The Mayans used an eight-by-eight square, for a total of 64 units, and the same eight-by-eight square was known in ancient Indian temple design as the Vastu Parusha Mandala with eight ruling gods.

Sixty-four is also the atomic weight of copper, which is the metal associated with Venus, previously known as Ishtar. Her city, Babylon, meaning “gate of the gods”, was similarly built on this cosmological principle. The eighth of the eight gates (8 x 8) of Babylon was known as Ishtar’s Gate, dedicated to the goddess with her eight-pointed star.

So if all this makes sense to you, hopefully next time there’s a major event happening on the 17th of the month, or in which we’re told there were 17 people killed, or there were 17 survivors, you will know that the black magicians of the global elite are at play in the fields of their lord Lucifer, and they probably won’t be content until they’ve brought their version of Jerusalem to a town near you.

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