Revelations, the New Jerusalem and Glastonbury

We’ve been having a bit of discussion about whether Glastonbury is meant to be the location for the New Jerusalem. Most of those who think it should be might benefit from reading this article and gaining another perpective on the issue.

So let’s start from the beginning ….

In AD 95, John the apostle was on the Greek isle of Patmos, and he had the most extraordinary vision which he recounts in the Book of Revelations, found at the end of the New Testament. As part of that vision, John describes how an angel showed him a twelve gated city “the holy Jerusalem, descending out of the heaven.”

The angel, according to John, carried a …

“…golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof. And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth; and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs [just over 1,500 miles]. The length and breadth and height of it are equal. And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty-four cubits [216 feet] according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel.”
Revelations 21:15, 16, 17

John of Patmos

In other words, the measurements describe what is a classic squared circle, which is found within many ancient temples dating back thousands of years before John of Patmos ever put pen to paper. But of course, this is all a perfectly legitimate use of myth; to carry, as a subterranean stream, the teachings of astronomy, astrology, alchemy, gematria (sacred number and sound) and sacred geometry in allegory during the Christian era.

It is a wisdom teaching about sacred geometry. So anyone insisting that John of Patmos’s Revelations contain some kind of prophecy would probably benefit from studying their history and mythology some more, to work out the difference between the two.

Here’s my take on it:

In my experience, the only difference between history and mythology is that mythology is true. What do I mean by that? Well, history is invariably untrue or only partially true because it is written by the victors. Ancient myths however are carriers of eternal truths. You just have to know how to read them.

The Jewish and Coptic Greek penned myths of the Old and New Testament are no different to any other myths in the civilised world at that time in that they carried hidden scientific teachings – although science was different then – it was much more holistic, and it was called gnosis or wisdom.

The wisdom teachings were hidden, sometimes, for a good reason… if they hadn’t been, they would almost certainly be lost to us today; the Inquisition would have seen to that! This was because the Emperor Constantine in the 4th century had decided to use the religion of Christianity to cement his new empire, and so these stories which started off as science teaching allegories became literalised and myth was misinterpreted as history.

And so John of Patmos’ teachings, in this instance, are all about sacred geometry and the seed of all temple building – the squared circle which is produced by the vesica piscis (Latin: bladder of a fish). They’re not about a literal New Jerusalem descending from the heavens, like a UFO or Planet Nibiru, as some in Glastonbury are hoping for.

Vesica Piscis

So who’s to blame for this misunderstanding? It’s not John of Patmos’s fault that he’s been misinterpreted. It’s said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing… and this is where John Michell comes into my story.

I have great respect for the late geomancer John Mitchell. He made some truly profound discoveries around Glastonbury in the late 1990s; he opened up the eyes of many to the wonders produced by the wisdom of our ancestors and their relationship with the Land.

In his brilliant work “New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury”, Michell describes the squared circle thus: “…denoting reconciliation between all opposite elements in nature but especially between heaven and earth.”

However, it is his work on the sacred geometry of the Vetusta Ecclesia, the original old church of Glastonbury Abbey, that has been taken out of context to create the misunderstanding that Glastonbury is somehow the location for the New Jerusalem. In finding similarities between the sacred geometrical proportions here, in Glastonbury Abbey, and Stonehenge, and John’s Revelations, John Michell was only finding a very small chapter in a much bigger story which is only now, after his death, slowly unravelling as more and more sacred sites – whether Neolithic temples or Megalithic stone circles – are being discovered.

The bigger picture, gradually emerging, is that our early ancestors around the world built all their sacred architecture according to sacred geometrical principles and so squared circles and vesica piscis abound – from the Great Pyramid at Giza to the 5,400 year old earth mounds of Louisana in the USA.

As I wrote in The Talismanic Power of the Vesica Piscis, archaeologists are becoming increasingly sure that the people of the Megalithic period built their sacred sites with the vesica piscis as the seed. Prehistoric quadrangles, derived from the vesica piscis, were discovered by Professor Alexander Thom as bases for the ground-plans of many European stone circles such as Avebury, Stonehenge and Carnac.

We also believe that the vesica piscis was at the heart of pyramid building. The exterior angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza can be reproduced with the vesica piscis, and there are many other indications that the pyramids were built on sacred geometrical lines, as we can see in this diagram, where the Golden Mean of phi is represented in the dimensions of the pyramid.

In fact, it’s got to the point now where it would be really surprising to find an ancient sacred site that had no sacred geometrical qualities or features. And it would be even more shocking to find that at Glastonbury – with its wise, alchemist monks and scholars who knew how to read the allegories within the old Christian and Aramaic texts.

Of course the sacred proportions revealed by John at Patmos are found in the sacred architecture of Glastonbury, as they are found all over the world, and going back thousands of years before the first disciples of legend arrived here, to build the “first church”.

Even that, to me, is suspect… that the builders of the first church were the earliest Christians, unless you want to make the case – and you can – for Dionysus being an earlier Jesus prototype. There is a school of thought from the Masonic tradition that most of the sacred architecture across the civilised world at the beginning of the ADs was built by the Dionysian architects. Who were they?

According to Manly P Hall:

“The most celebrated of the ancient fraternities of artisans was that of the Dionysiac Architects. This organization was composed exclusively of initiates of the Bacchus-Dionysos cult and was peculiarly consecrated to the science of building and the art of decoration.

“Acclaimed as being the custodians of a secret and sacred knowledge of architectonics, its members were entrusted with the design and erection of public buildings and monuments. The superlative excellence of their handiwork elevated the members of the guild to a position of surpassing dignity; they were regarded as the master craftsmen of the earth.

“Because of the first dances held in honor of Dionysos, he was considered the founder and patron of the theatre, and the Dionysians specialized in the construction of buildings adapted for the presentation of dramatic performances. In the circular or semicircular orchestra they invariably erected an altar to  Æschylus, the famous Greek poet, that while appearing in one of his own plays he was suspected by a mob of angry spectators of revealing one of the profound secrets of the Mysteries and was forced to seek refuge at the altar of Dionysos.

“So carefully did the Dionysiac Architects safeguard the secrets of their craft that only fragmentary records exist of their esoteric teachings. John A. Weisse thus sums up the meager data available concerning the order:

“They made their appearance certainly not later than 1000 B.C., and appear to have enjoyed particular privileges and immunities. They also possessed secret means of recognition, and were bound together by special ties only known to themselves. ….

“The fraternity of the Dionysiac Architects spread throughout all of Asia Minor, even reaching Egypt and India. They established themselves in nearly all the countries bordering on the Mediterranean, and with the rise of the Roman Empire found their way into Central Europe and even into England. The most stately and enduring buildings in Constantinople, Rhodes, Athens, and Rome were erected by these inspired craftsmen …”

From Sacred Texts

So if people are using John Michell’s work to make the case for Glastonbury being or becoming some sort of New Jerusalem, I think they are either very silly or very ignorant. Or they are clever and crafty people who are deliberately muddling up Wisdom Teachings in people’s heads in order to pursue a Zionist agenda. It’s the oldest form of warfare –  get the people you conquer to worship your gods instead of their own. They lose all hope then.

But by the way, according to my research, there IS something very special about Glastonbury.. it’s more of a home grown, older miracle … and I’ll write all about that in my next post.

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