Weather shamans at sea, 700,000 years ago

There has always been an approved narrative within academia regarding the origins of the human race, and papers about any finds by archaeologists which weaken that narrative usually get savaged while going through peer review and thus never get published.

In fact, the palaeontological record is so sparse that academics extrapolate a lot from a very little in order to make up stories and canards that are designed to satisfy our curiosity which, at the same time, have the effect of stopping us searching any further, believing it’s a done deal.

A recent article in various approved science magazines (like this one) have been reporting, for the first time, this week, that there is evidence of human activity 700,000 years ago in the Philippines. They haven’t found human bones as such. They’re assuming that butchered rhino bones show evidence of ancient hominins, which is what they call more archaic humans, such as Homo Erectus, and not modern humans like us who, the academic narrative has decided, did not appear until about 40,000 years ago.

However, they really don’t have enough in terms of recovered skeletons to make that assumption, or any assumptions on the origins of modern humans, particularly as most of them still believe, with no evidence at all, that we descend from apes. So my point is, it could have been more modern-type humans, like us, that butchered these rhino bones in the Philippines 700,000 years ago. And if so, that’s the already-creaking and moribund Out of Africa theory finally blown to smithereens.

In addition, now that human (or hominid) activity has been discovered in the Pleistocene era on the Phillipines, what does this tell us about our earliest ancestors’ seafaring abilities?  The only way that humans could have got to the Philippines, at that time, is via boats or rafts as it would not have been possible to reach those island by land bridge at that time.


There’s a chapter in my new book, Stories in the Stars – out soon – on the archaeological evidence found to date that our ancestors were sailing the oceans more than 100,000 years ago and along with their advanced knowledge of the stars which they used for navigation, they also had weather shamans to negotiate the winds and the currents.