Who is God? And what does God have to do with shamanic sex magic?

When I do Tarot readings, I say to the person I’m reading for: “You have the opportunity now to ask a question of God or the Higher Power, whatever that means to you – man, woman or unspecified something,” and they usually reply, “Well, I believe in something, but I’m not sure what.”

I’ve come to realise that that the “something, but not sure what,” seems to be the cognitive landmark that many have now reached since seeing through the false narratives of religions that were only ever designed to control us, not to spiritually empower us. It was a story that gave us a foothold on the path when we were but children in our spiritual progress but, now that we’re growing up, we realise that God is probably not an old man in the sky like this version by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, who sends fire and brimstone in our direction whenever we displease him.


So the “something, but not sure what” is like a bookmark that we’ve left inserted between the pages of dense text that we’re currently finding it difficult to read, to remind us to return to it when we have further and better information.

Well, here I’ll give you some further and better information that I’ve gleaned from journeying, as a shaman, into the Three Worlds, or other dimensions, and gaining guidance and wisdom from the beings encountered there.

Through several decades of research into the ancient texts upon which the major religions are founded, I came to the view, long before training to become a shaman, that there was something else that they weren’t telling us. There had to be because so many of the stories – from Christianity and Hinduism to Gnosticism and Judaism –  it seemed to me, were remarkably similar in many respects.

For instance, just about every religion or culture has their own version of the Radiant Child who is born on the Winter Solstice or Christmas Day – Horus, Osiris, Attis, Krishna, Zoroaster, Mithra and Hercules to name but a few. Some of those stories about the birth of the cosmological hero or avatar can be dated to thousands of years before Jesus Christ was supposed to have been born. So which one of them was the true Son of God? Which one of them really existed?

Well, none of them, in my experience, because their value to us does not depend upon their existence upon Earth at one time, but has much more meaning as part of a metaphor for a much deeper truth. That deeper truth is about cycles of life – birth, death and rebirth – the alchemical process of which forms the foundation stone of the matter that constitutes the dimension in which we live that’s made up of what the ancient Norse called the Wyrd.

What’s left of the ancient tales of the Norse, which are contained in the Poetic and Prose Eddas, gives us the most comprehensive perspective of the Three Worlds and the World Tree that are represented symbolically in every other religion and culture throughout the world. It also gives us the most useful metaphor for God, and ways to work with this Force in order to enrich and empower our lives by changing our fate – or at least, working in line with it –  and this force is known in the Norse Eddas as the Wyrd.

The Way of the Wyrd

The best way, I find, to visualise the Wyrd is like a champagne fountain – although this is a champagne fountain that governs our destiny.

champagne fountain2

The champagne glasses are symbols for the cups and chalices, otherwise known as the Holy Grail and the cauldron in Celtic Lore. Basically, they are containers of the nectarous liquid of life which overflows from one cup to another, downwards, through the Three Worlds.

The sweet liquid known as the Wyrd flows down through three wells, one after the other. Each of three wells is governed by one of three goddesses – Urd, Verdandi and Skuld – who are known as the three Norns or the three Fates.

Urd governs the past, and so the Well of Urd is the first well of the Wyrd at the very top. Everything we experience where we are now drinking from the present well of Verdandi go is from the Wyrd that flows from Urd’s well in the past. In other words, we reap what we’ve sown at Verdandi’s well and then after that, the resulting Wyrd flows on down into the well governed by Skuld in Hel, who in turn sends it round to Urd to create the (hopefully, radiant) “child” of our future.

So that’s the cosmological map of the Wyrd, the honeyed mead-like substance that makes up the destiny of our lives. But how do we work with it? Can we change our future? Well, yes we can, if we learn how to work with the Wyrd in our own inner space and clean up the rivers of mead.

To purify the nature of the rivers of the mead that creates our present, we need to clear it out upstream, in our past, and then that sparkling purer flow will automatically create a fresher more radiant future. Sometimes, there are dams that need to be unblocked or the river may have meandered off course and created stinking stagnant pools. Or it could be that the flow was polluted further back by the actions of our ancestors and sometimes the well has been poisoned with curses and spells.

However, with this kind of shamanic work, we don’t have to worry about the specific details concerning what has gone wrong because there’s a one-size-fits-all remedy, and that is communicating shamanically with the three Norns of Urd, Verdandi and Skuld who are also known as the mead bearers, and asking them to purify the wells to get the sweet living waters flowing again.

All this is achieved during shamanic sex magic, in which Urd’s well is represented by the cup-shaped hypothalamus into which the Red and White Drops of the Black and Gold energetic serpents drip on to the pineal gland at its base. Once the mead hits the pineal gland or Third Eye, it sets off a chain reaction that ignites the upper brain centres in an explosion of ecstasy, and this triggers the streams of champagne-like, nectarous elixirs to flow down through the body. You can actually taste it in the back of your throat and it’s deleriously delicious!

The second well in the body, Verdandi’s well, is represented by the heart and the third well, Skuld’s well, is around genital region in which the Magnetic Floor opens up and releases the waters of life into the future. These ‘waters of life’ appear in many scriptures from diversely different cultures, but probably readers here will be most familiar with  those that we hear Jesus explain about, in John 4, 13 to the Samaritan woman at the well.

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

annieAbout me and my work

Hello, I’m Annie Dieu-Le-Veut and I write books on shamanism, Earth magic, the Grail Mysteries, the spirit of Sovereignty and sacred sexuality. I also decode ancient myths to show how they are actually the vessels or arks of our ancestors sailing the seas of Time and containing, deep in their submarinal holds, precious messages about our innate holographic relationship to eternal astrological and alchemical cycles which drive each of us along our life’s path.

Once we understand the substance of the messages our ancestors left for us thousands of years ago, we can realise the value and meaning of human life and finally know what to do with it.

The Grail Mysteries: Sovereignty and shamanic sex magic

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How to read my books

If you’re thinking of getting one or more of my books, can I give you a bit of a steer? There are two ways to receive my teachings, and each augments the other.

If you wish to go down the fictional route, and become inspired in your dreams and imagination by the coded magical keys, symbols and metaphors hidden in mytho-poetic romantic adventures, I suggest that you read The Bright World of the Gods first, and then The Grail Mysteries. They are actually the first two books of a trilogy, although they work great as standalones too. I haven’t written the third in the series yet.

However, if you feel you need some help with unravelling the meanings of the symbols and metaphors found in ancient myths, my theoretical works are straightforward accounts that explain these Mysteries teachings in plain language.

The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar is about the historical and mythological evidence, going back thousands of years, for the practice of shamanic sex magic, otherwise known as the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, which brought wisdom and enlightenment to the newly-crowned king on the night of his coronation. There is also a step-by-step guide for practising it yourself.

In Stories in the Stars, you’ll learn that ancient myths are like Trojan horses carrying our ancestors’ voices and wisdom that they hid in astrological and alchemical metaphors which, once I’ve taught you how to decode them, will help you to transform and reincarnate into your own life today.

In Stories in the Summerlands, I take you on a winding pilgrimage through the secret, hidden places of esoteric Avalon to show you where Arthur Pendragon is really buried, and where the stories in the stars have been brought down to the Earth by our earliest ancestors to create a magical and enchanted landscape.