Where to Hear the Songs of the Earth

As a child, I was given a globe of the Earth and, gazing at it from my bed at night, I would see a warm, welcoming and loving mother. Later on, after being subjected to many a Geography lesson, I was left with the view that the Earth was a piece of inanimate rock randomly spinning through Space. But now that my consciousness is becoming more alive, I’m seeing the Earth as alive again too.

In fact, I’m returning to the perception of the Earth of my earliest childhood.

As I become more in tune with the Earth, I begin to perceive that She is communicating with me. She sings to me through her moods, her seasons, her animals, her plant growth, her weather patterns and so much more. I hear her music, her poems, her rhymes more at certain key places on the Earth, and at certain key times when the liminal walls between dimensions are thinner.

Robert Coons has identified that these key places are situated along the invisible energetic template which swirls around Her form in the shape of a lemiscate, otherwise known as the symbol for infinity. We’ve come to call the outline of this template ‘ley lines’ or serpent lines, and Coons had identified two major leylines which intertwine with one another. He has named one the Rainbow Serpent, and the other the Plumed Serpent, because this is how they are known to indigenous tribes who still practise the ancient shamanic traditions of their earliest ancestors along these routes.

Coons calls the key places, or energy nodes, along the ley lines: ‘chakras’, after the chakras of the individual body which are also found on the invisible energetic template at key points. It would seem that our ancient ancestors also knew of these important locations, because they were, and some still are, sacred sites. They are:

Crown Chakra – Mount Kailas, Tibet
Third Eye Chakra – Currently at Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
Throat Chakra – Great Pyramid, Sphinx & Mount of Olives, Egypt
Heart Chakra – Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
Solar Plexus Chakra – Uluru, Australia
Sacral Chakra – Lake Titticaca, South America
Base Chakra – Mt Shasta, North America

There are other slightly lesser centres, one being Palenque in Central America and another: the Table Mountain in South Africa. The third eye chakra is unique in that it moves around, according to Earth cycles, and it is now located at Glastonbury.

Table Mountain

It is interesting to note that the throat chakra, usually connected with speech, voice and communication, is situated in a region of the world which is currently finding its voice. In a Newsnight interview recently, one Libyan commentator who lives in London noted that when he talks to his friends in Benghazi now, on the phone, it is like talking to different people.

“Their voices have changed,” he said. “They used to sound thin and strangled, as if someone had them by the throat. Now they sound much louder and more resonant, as if that grip has been released.”

And of course, the Arab Uprising began in Cairo, which is right on the throat chakra.

We will see some Earth changes as we get closer to the new age which is already dawning, and some of its outward signs will be, and already have been, Earth movements causing different weather patterns as Her energetic template adjusts.

Data from the Vostok ice shows how the temperature of the Earth has fluctuated over 400,000 years. The Green line shows rises and falls of CO2 in the atmosphere, the Red shows dust concentrations and the Blue shows temperature peaks and troughs. Higher dust levels are believed to be caused by cold, dry periods.

The climate changes are being caused by this natural cycle of the Earth, and not by man-made global warming. The Earth has gone through countless warming episodes like this one, which usually precede an Ice Age, hundreds of thousands of years before man came along with his “Industrial Revolution”. We really are not that powerful … well, not when in comparison to the power of our Majestic Mother.

So let’s just relax and enjoy the journey ~ and show Her due respect by treating Her well and respecting the Laws of Nature, so that She will happily support further generations of man.

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