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Snowflakes special: Annie and Sandi’s Big Chat about what Trump is really up to

If you’re completely freaked out by what Donald Trump is doing, then you’re in the right place. Just pull up a chair, have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, and just relax while Annie and Sandi explain to you what Trump is really up to in terms of abortion, refugees, climate change and a whole host of other seemingly nightmarish phantoms and ghouls that the gutterstream media are trying to frighten you with.

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A leader emerges … could this be Europe’s Donald Trump?

I’ve been saying for some time that we need an equivalent leader to Donald Trump here in Europe, and I think now that the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban may be the one who’s emerging. Great crises do force great leaders to emerge – and sometimes only a great crisis will do it. Orban won’t be perfect, and neither is Trump. But we’re not looking for a Messiah – we’re looking for one who’s prepared to engage with what none of our polticians are prepared to engage with so far. Turkey is blackmailing all our leaders – probably over allegations of paedophilia in high places – and that’s partly why they’ve been rendered so impotent in dealing with the mass migration crisis. The other part of the problem is that the UN is now becoming increasingly dominated by Cuba and the more than 100 countries it has in its pocket, which is using UN Agenda 21-based psychological warfare and weaponised migration to destroy Western civilisation, via the UNHCR. Continue reading

The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – Part 2: An attack on the heart of Avalon

I’ve been building up to writing this for days, but holding back too, because I’m not sure if people are ready for it. Just now, I journeyed in the way of shamanic trance to ask the spirits of the Land, to get confirmation, and was told “Yes, it’s true. You’ve been joining up the dots correctly. This has been a deliberate destruction of the holy springs of Avalon, and it’s coming from the other lands.” Continue reading

Not Waving But Drowning: UN Agenda 21 and the Designer Floods of Britain

You may be only just now waking up and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes to the news that the recent flooding of Britain is the result of EU policies to deliberately create wetlands in the UK ….. and that is shocking enough. For some, it’s been about as traumatic as when you discover that Father Christmas is actually your Dad. So then, to have to go on to learn that these EU directives are being driven by something deeply sinister, known as UN Agenda 21, may be more than you can take.  If so, please don’t worry. Go and have a lie down…. but bookmark this page first, so that you can return later, hopefully with a nice of mug of tea and a chocolate biscuit, because this is really growing up time now. Continue reading