The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – Part 2: An attack on the heart of Avalon

I’ve been building up to writing this for days, but holding back too, because I’m not sure if people are ready for it. Just now, I journeyed in the way of shamanic trance to ask the spirits of the Land, to get confirmation, and was told “Yes, it’s true. You’ve been joining up the dots correctly. This has been a deliberate destruction of the holy springs of Avalon, and it’s coming from the other lands.”

When I came back to this dimension, I sat down at my computer, still not quite sure whether to write about it. Then I received an email from the White Spring’s blog, telling me that the big double blue doors to the White Spring of Glastonbury, a sacred focal point for the whole spiritual community, had been smashed to smithereens during the storm on the night of the full moon, Friday 14th February. What a symbolic act!

Low-flying Hercules C130J approaching Glastonbury Tor by Jason Bryant

The White Spring doors before the attack

Avalon, White-Spring-Glasto09-6

Next, there was a tweet from Heather Venn, the Somerset Levels farmer’s wife who you may have seen on television, and today being quoted in a BBC News article in which she was wondering what they will find when the floods recede and whether their land will ever be croppable again. However, she tweeted to me tonight, in desperation.

“I said that some weeks ago! Now it is desperate! Land destroyed without doubt.”

So this is going to be heartbreaking news for those just waiting and hoping against hope that the land will dry out in the Spring, and everything will go back to normal. What we have witnessed in recent times has been a deliberate attack on Avalon from an enemy who we can’t see because they hide their faces behind a mountain of paper and red tape, and wear Harry Potter invisibility cloaks created from the cognitive dissonance of a population hypnotised by their televisions into believing that it’s all the fault of a mythical dragon called Climate Change. But an attack, nevertheless it has been, on all that we hold dear.

Glastonbury Tor by Chris Hill

Tor flooded by Tim Knock

I’ve been joining up these dots for weeks now, just through examining the EU paperwork. But there’s also been something else which has come out of my historical research into Glastonbury.  I’d worked it out, a few months ago, that whenever there had been a change in the New World Order,  in the past thousand or so years, Glastonbury Abbey was destroyed by fire (878 CE, 1184 CE and 1539 CE) . So seeing the New World Order of UN Agenda 21 coming over the horizon in recent years, and now steaming down the hill, I’d been wondering to my friends: “What will they possibly find now to destroy here, with the Abbey already in ruins?”

Glastobury Abbey

avalon Glastonbury Abbey Ruins IV _Medium_

However, recent weeks have shown us just where the attack was targeted this time; instead of attacking with fire, they attacked with its opposite element, water. And it was against the heartland of the green and pleasant rolling pasture of England surrounding Glastonbury, the Somerset Levels,  which many all around the world consider to be the enchanted land of Avalon.

I hope nobody wants to wander off at the words ‘heart chakra’ and ‘Avalon’ uttered in the same breath. The purpose of this article is not to try to persuade readers into some kind of New Age religion complete with crystals, wands and Ascended Masters. This article is not necessarily about what’s true. It’s about what people perceive to be true. In my research, I’ve found that any New World Order, any invading force, always strikes first at the heart of what the people hold most dear. Since the times of the Spartans, at least, it’s been a part of psychological warfare to steal and destroy the religious relics and icons of the other side in order to demoralise them. It’s a way of saying: “Look, we’re more powerful than your gods… see how easy it is for us to to steal them and destroy them.”

Over the last century, we’ve seen a decline in those subscribing to the religion of the Church of England. So that, along with the various destructions of the Abbey, now finds Glastonbury no longer the centre of a thriving spiritual or religious belief system based on traditional Church of England Christianity. In a recent survey, it was found that only around half of the population said that they were ‘Church of England’, and many of those would not have been regular churchgoers.

But the concept of Avalon is thriving, in Glastonbury, and more so every day. Many consider the enchanted land of Avalon to be the centre of the heart chakra of the world, with its sacred springs, now polluted, and also marked out, as it is, with the huge Glastonbury landscape zodiac, which was mapped on to the High History of the Holy Grael of King Arthur and his Knights by Katharine Maltwood, and immortalised in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon and Dion Fortune’s Avalon of the Heart.

Avalon Excalibur

You may have seen the floods around Burrow Mump on the News. Here’s a picture of it.

Avalon Burrow Mump

Burrow Mump often doesn’t get as much attention as Glastonbury Tor but to locals in the know, it’s a place of great spiritual significance. (I’ve written about elsewhere and so I won’t deter us now). It is also on the nose of the Great Dog of Langport, which is a semi-detached figure on part of the Glastonbury landscape zodiac and regarded as the equivalent as the Greek Cerberus, the dog that guards the entrance to the Underworld of the Glastonbury Zodiac. That land has been under water for more than six weeks now and is contaminated with sewerage.

The Girt Dog of Langport

Avalon Girt Dog red ice

The media keeps referring to the Levels as floodplain … as if to say, “Well, what do you expect if you build on a floodplain?” and resonating with the sub-text of Jesus’s foolish man who built his house on sand. But this a misrepresentation of the Somerset Levels, covering as it does, around 160,000 acres. It’s not a floodplain, it’s actually land reclaimed from the sea, and it was drained from its marsh-like state by the monks in medieval times. It is land that, like parts of the Netherlands, will certainly return to the sea if the drainage and other maintenance infrastructure is not kept up. But it is this special quality of being not quite sea and not quite land, neither one or the other, that gives it its magical qualities, and the occult author, Dion Fortune, who used to live here, wrote about this interaction between the sea and the land in her novel, The Sea Priestess.

So this has been a deliberate and targeted attack at the heart of a growing shamanic belief system centred around the magical land of Avalon … in my mind there is now no doubt. And that attack did not just take the form of negligence. It’s been a positive act of sabotage.

It’s very easy to consign something to the ‘conspiracy theory’ cognitive dustbin when faced with an inconvenient truth. It means that you don’t have to face it.  But there is growing documentary evidence that the weather is controlled by the military, and other para military companies, which is in the public domain, and by that I mean it’s in government files and in the mainstream media – not ‘conspiracy websites’.

An article published this week in the Central Somerset Gazette considered whether the NERC Mast Radar Facility near Aberystwyth in Wales contains a High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) capability, and was directing the storms. If you think that our military would never dream of attacking in their home country, in that way, or in any case, wouldn’t have the means, please consider this. We already know that the RAF used silver iodide cloud seeding to flood out the small seaside town of Lynmouth in Devon on 15th August 1952, in which more than 30 people died. We know this because previously classified files about it were released in 2001 in which it was reported that the RAF pilots, who took part, cheered and laughed when they saw the success of their mission which they called Operation Witchdoctor. If they were having such success with seeding clouds with silver iodide then, more than 50 years ago, what leaps and bounds can we expect the technology to have made by now?

That the military have been seeking permission to weaponise the weather can be found in a US government paper titled Air Force 2025 – Chapter 15: Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather. They are proposing to use extreme weather events like hurricanes and storms as a weapon in war… nothing is mentioned about using it against one’s own peoples. But then these people that now run our government and our military don’t really have any peoples… they’re globalists with no loyalty to anyone.

This only seems like a crazy nonsense conspiracy theory if you’re letting the tail wag the dog of your world view. Turn it around, and see how different everything looks:

Fact 1 – The European Union, which dictates more than 70 per cent of our laws in this country, and whose directives favouring wildlife habitats over people are responsible for the floods on the Levels, is a conspiracy. There is no ‘theory’ about it. It’s an unelected, unaccountable and unaudited body of people who conspire behind the closed doors of Bilderberg and G8 and other such meetings to run our lives. That’s a conspiracy, not a theory about a conspiracy.

Fact 2 – Weather modification is a conspiracy, and not a theory about a conspiracy. There have been known and proven conspiracies to modify the weather, not just at Lynmouth. If it wasn’t a conspiracy to flood Lynmouth, why were the military files recording it put under the 50-year rule? But in any case, there are companies that now advertise openly, on the internet, that they carry out weather modification cloud seeding, both in the air and on the ground, such as the company Weather Modification.

Fact 3 – For thousands of years, it’s been a part of psychological warfare to destroy the material representations of the spiritual and religious beliefs of the people you’re conquering. (See Rattling Some Skeletons In The Closet).

Fact 4 – It may be a coincidence, but all of the above just happens to support the aims of UN Agenda 21, which has smuggled itself inside the Trojan horse of the Green agenda. (See Not Waving But Drowning: The Designer Floods of Britain.)

If you’re not sure about the last, Fact 4, then please consider this. The Environmental Agency told the Somerset Levellers that because of ‘the cuts’, it could not stump up the four million pounds (an over inflated figure, anyway) to dredge the River Parrett. However, it had no trouble finding eight million pounds (along with three other partners) to turn Southlake Moor into a lake to support ‘biodiversity’, in other words, habitats of various diverse species of wildlife. In addition, it spent tens of millions of pounds in flooding hundreds of acres of prime farmland to create a habitat for birds on the coast of Somerset.

Obviously to put birds and other wetland wildlife species over the health and wellbeing of humans is European policy, and also that of UN Agenda 21. Other European countries are finding ways round this Green fascism. Not us, though.

To quote environmental writer, Richard North:

“Even in Holland there have been fierce rows over proposals to dismantle some of the dykes which protect the 29 percent of that country below sea level. But in no nation has this “green” ideology found such a sympathetic response as in Britain, where the senior officials of the EA – 14 of them earning more than £100,000 a year – have long been more swayed by those Agenda 21 doctrines of “sustainability” and “biodiversity” than by any practical concern for the needs of people, homes, businesses and farmland.”

This has been a deliberate strike at the green and pleasant heartland of Avalon…. and if we don’t wake up the fact that we’re under attack, our children, and our grandchildren and their grandchildren, will become quickly trapped by this blueprint for total world domination and human slavery, and it will be our fault.

I’d just like to end on this quote from Charles Bukowski, 1920-1994:

“Ignorance is the single greatest tool of oppression and …. the greatest despondency, is the greatest ignorance of one’s self… birds born in a cage think flying is an illness; it’s hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”