The Laws of Dharma: a touchstone during turbulent times

I spent a lot of time in India during the Nineties, studying the Vedas. It was then that I came across the ancient Laws of Dharma. These are otherwise known as natural laws, because they are based on universal principles which govern, alchemically, every single thing that is alive in this universe – and that…

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How to get into the eye of the storm

The storm is now raging all around us. Yet at its centre, in its single eye, all is completely still, peaceful and serene. I’ve published a lot on Annie’s Apothecary about what nutritional steps you can take to strengthen your immune system from viral attack. But as we know, we are much more than just…

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How to make self-isolation work to your advantage

If you’re self-isolating, I can think of no better time to begin training in the Mysteries because you will have far fewer worldly distractions. In the days of yore, our ancestors would lock themselves away in monasteries and ashrams in order to receive this kind of enlightenment. Now you don’t have to. And you can…

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