What does a womb shaman do?

The kings of old would undergo Sovereignty rites, similar to the horse sacrifice of the Celts, on their coronation day. That evening, they would lie with a cuen, which is the Anglo Saxon source of our word “queen”. The cuens were always the source of spiritual wisdom behind the man who sat on the throne and ruled the cuentry. Today, these illustrious women are known as womb shamans.

The womb shaman is skilled in evoking and awakening the two energetic serpents which, during sexual intercourse, rise up the body and interweave, just as they do on a caduceus, to create the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon within the human being.

This is not a metaphor. It is a real physiological experience in which the Other Worlds break through into this one.

This drawing by Gerri McLoughlin is from my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

Once the serpents reach the cup-shaped hypothalamus in the crown of the head, which resembles a chalice or grail, they look over the rim to excrete red and white drops of elixir that, upon reaching the base of the grail, swirl together to create the catalyst which causes the explosion of the light of a thousand suns.

In the Indian tradition, it is described as the thousand-petalled lotus which gives rise to full enlightenment or illumination.

The beautiful gilded chalice was commissioned by Abbot Suger of St Denis, France, in the twelfth century, while its sardonyx cup was made in Alexandria in the second century BCE.

This beautiful gilded chalice, with its serpents as Fibonacci-shaped handles, was commissioned by Abbot Suger of St Denis, France, in the 12th century. Its sardonyx cup, illustrating the mixing of the red and white elixirs, was made in Alexandria at the time when Cleopatra was on the throne.

This is the real meaning behind the legend of the red and white liquids carried to Avalon by Joseph of Arimathea. It was the final Mystery teaching of Eleusis, given always on the Autumn Equinox. It was also the Holy Grail of the knights of Arthur Pendragon and many a serpent-grappling, zodiac hero of yore from Gilgamesh to Hercules and so on, who all meet their sexual initiations on the Autumn Equinox at Libra, under the auspices of Venus.

Initiates were forbidden from revealing this inner alchemical process, upon pain of death, because it was strictly reserved for kings and pharaohs, tsars and emperors, those who held the Sovereignty of the land.

The womb shaman would rarely sit on a throne and share political power with the king, although there are exceptions to every rule. The beautiful Kiya became Pharaoh Akhenaten’s wife after he apparently – and euphemistically – fell in love with the aroma of her hair on his coronation night. A later Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, was actually a womb shaman herself.

But usually the womb shaman was the power behind the throne.

The ruler often married the daughter of another king for diplomatic purposes, but the womb shaman was the source of his claim to the Sovereignty because through their love rites together, his higher brain centres were activated and his third eye opened, which gave him access to full illumination, self-sovereignty and wisdom. She was the bridge between the ruler and the nature spirits. It is what is behind the expression “the king marries the land.” The king married the spirits of the land through the auspices of the womb shaman in what was not mere empty ritual but a real, tangible experience of divinity.

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