The ancient roots of the Merkaba, and a guided meditation into it

This video shows you how to access your own inner personal starship within your DNA, which will take you to the stars and beyond … and with no risk of Unscheduled Rapid Disassembly just after launch!

In Part One, I go back thousands of years to show how the Merkaba was the barque of Isis, the ark of Noah, the Ark of the Covenant, the Argo Navis of Jason and the Golden Fleece and King Arthur’s boat Prydwen. The Merkaba is also the Chariot of Fire of Blake’s hymn, Jerusalem. I show how these references were just metaphorical hints left to us about the existence of our own personal rocket ship in our DNA.

Then In Part Two, I guide you into a meditation so you will know where to find your Merkaba, and how to use it.

Watch it here: