Protection from electromagnetic rays

We need to talk about shamanic protection from electromagnetic frequencies. It’s becoming more and more obvious to me that smart meters and 5G are slowly and silently creeping in all around us. So I’ve been getting guidance from my spirits about how to cope with how it’s been making me feel… in a word, quite discombobulated at times.

I don’t know if shamanic types are more sensitive to these electromagnetic frequencies, or whether everyone is experiencing the same brain fog and dilution of vibrancy and available chi, but is not so aware of it? I had been anyway, and so I’ve been talking to my guides about what to do.

The first thing they told me was ‘it’s the phone’, and so I got a Faraday cage-type netting pouch for that, and it made some noticeable difference. But not enough. So I went back to them again, and they’ve been showing me how to erect a Faraday-type netting around my aura, which has made a huge difference.

Anyone can do this. Just get into your centred space, how ever you like do it, and then visualise a kind of electromagnetic protective guard net or web encircling your aura. You can use your own imagination to do this, and you can make it any colour you want, bearing in mind that colours are frequencies too.

A friend told me that she names hers … then if she needs to erect her protective web quickly, she only has to say the name. Another friend told me:

“I’ve been studying the science of how EMF harmonization works. Many of the harmonizer products on the market operate by bringing higher ordered torus field geometry to the gross EMF transverse waves. There’s nothing stopping you from doing this yourself, through the projection of your own energy and intent. Any energy work practice that strengthens your aura will also have protective effects against external energetic fields.”

The Torus Energy by Sasha Kazemi
Spiral Torus animation by TaffGoch on DeviantArt

Another scientist friennd told me that he’s studying the growing hole in the magnetic field over South America, which is allowing through a bombardment of solar and cosmic radiation. It is why we’re getting displays of the Northern Lights further south than usual, and it is expected to get worse next year. So this is just another reason why we have to get our protective Faraday web in place now.

This kind of visualising should be a natural progression in our thinking from our ancestors’ understanding that we exist in a web… the Web of the Wyrd they called it in Norse myths. It’s just a case of instructing your spirits as to what sort of web you want to be organised around you, for your protection. You do have to ask for it … it won’t just magically appear unless you do. It’s a part of the path of the shaman to know what to ask for, and when.

Please do ask me if you need any further help with this.

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