Wish you weren’t here?

With everything being such a godawful shitshow lately, do you ever wish you weren’t here…anywhere but here, on Earth? Do you often get caught up in a negative downward spiral, a vortex, a black hole into depression and hopelessness?

When I find myself being sucked down into one those whirlpools, I remind myself that I chose to be here now. Whether we remember it or not – and most of us don’t – we chose to take incarnation at this exact time and place. And so complaining about it is about as useful as going on safari to Africa and then complaining that there are lions.

So why did we choose to descend Jacob’s Ladder to be here now? Did we just want a front row seat to witness the worst atrocities ever being carried out against mankind? Did we want to see how mass global communications could cause mass genocide and suicide? Are we just interdimensional, ghoulish ‘hungry ghost’ tourists of war zones?

I think not. I think that each and every single one of us has an individual purpose to incarnating here and now. But it’s only by contacting our spirit guides in the other dimensions that we can learn our destiny and the meaning of our life.

That is the role of the shaman. It is not to storm Capitol buildings. It’s a more inward-facing role. Shamans go, in trance and usually by the beat of the drum, into the other dimensions, to get guidance and healing from the spirit guides, and the revelation of their destiny.

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