Why are we awake?

This is a question we so often ask ourselves; how is it that I can see right through the hypnosis of the Woke mind virus, but others can’t. My wondering about this has run the whole gamut from “Did I not drink the Kool Aid?” to “Am I from another planet?”

As I’ve often said, the Usual Suspects have always been with us on Earth. They are not a new phenomenon. I can show you where they were waging mind control on the people in the centuries before Christ. But what I hadn’t, so far, managed to identify, is how many people tried to resist them throughout history by continuing to speak the truth no matter what, as we do, and how many didn’t … and why? I think the answer to this is important in finding the antidote to their madness.

Step forward Matthias Desmet, professor of psychology at Ghent University in Belguim, and the inventor of the phrase ‘mass psychosis formation’.

I watched an absolutely fascinating interview with him last night in which he laid out the historical research he’d done, and what he had found out about the people throughout history who have resisted.

Desmet found that generally, as of now too, more than 65% people are actually awake but pretending to be asleep, as a sort of survival mechanism. Only about 30% are ever wholly under the spell of the hypnosis, as they are in our times with the Woke mind virus. But who are the other 5%? That’s us. It always been us…and perhaps it always will be.

Desmet makes clear that while our role is very important – in fact, vital – we can never a) hope to wake the hypnotised 30% or persuade any of the 65% to join us. That is not our role. No, it is in the very act of speaking out that we dilute the mass hypnosis. His words made sense to me. It is something I’d suspected for a while…. that our words, when lined up in truth, are like magical swords that cut through the warp and weft of the weave of the enchantment. He said that by keeping on talking, we keep the worst manifestations of this virus at bay. He has found, in history, that when the 5% stop talking or go underground, that’s when the worst pogroms erupt.

In this age, the ultimate aim of the trajectory is genocide of the white people. Remember that song: “All we need is a great big melting pot”? The social engineers want coffee-coloured people by the score. That’s why Channel 4 is full of adverts of families sitting down to their Christmas turkeys with a black father and a white mother.

They hope to get rid of the white man by a war of attrition. So far they’ve managed to rid the planet of hundreds of thousands of them, by sending them, only lightly armed by comparison, into the Russian meat grinder in Ukraine, supported by the mass formation psychosis of the people waving them off with their blue-and-yellow flags.

Even to say this would attract their weaponised words against me … and not just racist. The newest term for us 5 per centers is “stochastic terrorists”… well, at least it makes a change from “conspiracy theorist” But they are definitely trying to get a pogrom going.

However, we will have to continue to take their barbs and arrows because, for us, it is about the importance of being true to ourselves. I don’t put out my articles, videos and books with the conscious aim of trying to wake up anyone. I put them out because I have to. It’s about who I am.

I get the impression some people want the hypnotised to wake up so that they can be proven right to their family and friends who’ve all been treating them like a nutter. I sympathise. I have the same issues facing me too. But this is a trap. We have to lose that need of our egos if our words are going to run in a pure silver stream of truth, to dilute the virus. It is the road less travelled. It is a helluva ride and not for everyone. The persecution, shunning and vilification along the way is part of the spiritual initiation that leads to our metamorphosis into becoming our own best friend.

Why are we awake? Because we are the types that cannot live with ourselves if we don’t feel true to ourselves. That might be the only thing that unites us. When Matthias Desmet was asked what causes someone to be a 5 per center, he just smiled and said: “We don’t know. But they are always there, and their role is vitally important.”

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