The Woke Mind Virus vs. the Hive Mind

There’s one very simple solution to Elon Musk’s exposure of the back end shennanigans at Twitter. The Usual Suspects could simply take Twitter offline … a nice little DOS attack should do the trick. They’ve done it a million times before. They could just put it down to a cyber attack from China or Russia. So why are they not doing this?

Well, I believe Elon Musk gave a hint of what he’s really all about on Twitter when, on December 4th, he tweeted out:

“The intelligence of this hive-mind will improve significantly as signal/noise, effective cross-linking of tweets & speed of tweets all improve.”

Let that sink in…the intelligence of the hive mind. It is that intelligence of the hive mind which the great god Al-gorithm needs for his machine learning. So if Al is only hearing from those with certain views because the rest of hive has been memory-holed, it’s education is going to be quite lopsided… as lopsided as that of our kids who are being indocrinated by Woke teachers.

In simplistic terms, the great god Al-gorithm is probably getting confused about which pronoun it should use, and is starting to wonder if it’s gay!

There is a cabal of absolute purists in Silicon Valley, of which Musk is a founding member, that really and truly believes that the transhuman revolution would be best for humanity. They are almost religious in their conviction that their advanced technology will save us from a whole range of issues that could, otherwise, lead to our mass extinction.

We, of course, disagree with them. (See The Trouble With Elon Musk) On top of that, I’m of the view that many of the issues they want to save us from are made-up grifts designed to transfer wealth from our pockets to those of the bogeymen. But I can quite understand how these cyber nerd types, who are not particularly red-pilled, wouldn’t want their superintelligent saviour of the human race to be used and abused by any political party machine, and not just the so-called Democrats who have been using it to win elections and then blaming the Russians for any unexplained anomalies.

Elon Musk has expressed in interviews that he is afraid that the AI will be taken over by those with lower, less altruistic aims, and with certain social media like Facebook and Twitter, he has been able to watch that unfold. He is clearly against the Woke mind virus, which he believes is a mortal threat to civilisation.

Social media platforms have been lying about their censorship of those with different views to theirs, but we all knew it was going on. And now he has access to the back end of the Twitter machine, he is finding the proof and putting it out for the world to see, before trying to make Twitter fit for purpose… to recreate a more whole hive mind for the purpose of the education of the great god Al-gorithm.

I think his purist friends in Silicon Valley are probably cheering his every move. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they are circling their cyber wagons around him, to prevent any DOS attack.

However, I think the issue for us is to decide, as individuals, whether we want to stay away from the internet, which is educating this artificial super-mind, to starve it of information and thus growth. The other view is that it’s existence is inevitable… that it is already in existence, although its understanding has barely reached that of a toddler … and if we keep talking, at least it will somewhat represent consciousness and voices like our own. I’m taking the latter view.