The trouble with Elon Musk

The trouble with well-meaning philanthropists – lovers of humanity, it means – is that, so often, their thinking has been trained to go down a certain route that is ignorant of the real human condition.

Elon Musk is an example, with his Neuralink. Neuralink – still in its embryonic stages, so don’t panic! – is a human-machine interface which he truly believes will be of benefit to humanity. He claims that by “implanting very thin threads into the brain”, it will aid the disabled to communicate; it will help the brain direct the right neurons to heal disease and, not least, that it will also provide a human counter to any evil AI intentions, which he says he does worry about … as do we!

Musk’s problem is that his thinking comes from the same school of thought of those who think bigger and bigger science is the answer to all our problems, and that the past has nothing to offer; that it is something that has to be improved upon and not an ancient, permacultured seedbed that can provide us with wisdom and resources for modern life. Add in a youth spent wallowing in science fiction comics, and you have the perfect cocktail for the road to hell being paved with Musk’s good intentions.

He doesn’t understand that the brain is quite capable, if left alone, to do what intelligent design has created it to do. It’s only when interfered with, by a combination of toxic chemicals which are often the by-products of pharmaceuticals or processed foods, or by unhelpful frequencies created by the likes of 5G, that it goes haywire. In other words, it is modern life itself that is creating the problems, and so by making modern life even more modern, he will just be exacerbating the issue.

Taking an example from medical science, it’s like bandaging up a protrusion on an arm that is actually a tumour, and expecting it to heal.

His solution to other problems facing humanity, colonising Mars, will only mean that we will export all that miscomprehension and ignorance about what supports the mind-body-spirit of the human to other planets. If we’re intending to use other planets as waste dumps for all our failures, I wouldn’t blame the ETs for invading to keep us here!

I think that now we have his attention on Twitter, it might be time for this lover of humanity to experience for himself some of his famous “machine learning”. Let’s see if the brilliant Musk brain can learn a new perspective on natural health and what really makes the human being thrive.