The uniquely innate co-creatrix powers of the woman

I’ll probably get drummed out of the women’s movement for this article, but here it is anyway. The magical, co-creatrix powers of the woman are at their greatest when she’s in the home. There, I said it.

Actually, the truth is, I never was in the women’s movement. I just hovered around the edges of it for a bit, during my days on the Sunday Express when I was writing features for the women’s pages. I only hung in there long enough to realise that the women’s movement had been created by the very patriarchy that they claimed to despise. Over time, I realised that it had been put together with the sole aim of weakening the male, starting with giving to women the roles in the workplace that men had traditionally fulfilled. I eventually saw that it was a weapon of the political elites, in that it was making society much more compliant and pliable to the ideas of the merchants of chaos – those who wanted to cull humanity so that there were far fewer of us on the planet

I’m not interested here in getting into the rights and wrongs of that agenda. Who knows? Maybe they’re correct that most of humanity are useless eaters, and that in order to strengthen the human race, there needs to be some kind of threshing to sort the wheat from the chaff. I have no idea whether that’s a good idea or not. I’m only interested, so long as I’m here and managing to avoid their combine harvester, in recovering my birthright as a woman, so that I can have the full experience of the spirit taking the journey of the human being on Earth.

I want to know exactly what sort of rocket ship I’ve been given.

And so by the turn of the millennium, I’d sent off my pin-striped, shoulder-padded trouser suit to the Oxfam shop, and begun a decades-long, deep dive into what it is to be human being and, by extension, what it is to be a woman. The journey has taken me through all the ancient myths, the rudiments of alchemy and astrology of the Mystery teachings, and also the all-important love magic that I describe in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar.

And so here is the result.

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