“The greatest stitch-up since the Bayeux Tapestry”

For once I think Boris Johnson may be on the right track. He said yesterday that his removal was the greatest stitch-up since the Bayeux Tapestry. I wonder if that was just a flippant remark, or whether he’s aware that the power structure in this country was originally stitched up in the frames of the Bayeux Tapestry by the Normans, in the 11th century, and continued in the under-weave of the Arthurian stories, which were written in France.

In the last chapter of my book Stories in the Summerlands, The Sovereignty of the Land, I describe how the weavers of William the Conquerer embroidered what was probably the first media spin story on their ‘gift’ to the British people, the Bayeux Tapestry.

This panel (below) and the one after it, shows the “dirt” they thought they had dug up on the conception and the birth of the English King Harold through sex magic symbolism. The Normans deemed that brought into question his legitimate right to the throne. According to my understanding, though, his birth as the fruit of sacred sex with the womb shaman Ælfgyva was what made him the rightful king.

Here is the relevant extract from Stories in the Summerlands.

Panel from the Bayeux Tapestry

The panel is divided into three sections. Most people ignore the upper and lower parts, perhaps assuming that they are just meaningless decorative frames. They are not. They are intrinsic to the message in that they depict the actions of the denizens of the Upper World in the top section and those of the Underworld in the lowest section, all of which is impacting on the battle raging in the Middle World.

The top section shows the Upper World where we can see the star arrangement of the Summer Triangle of the three birds with the Tree of Life at the centre, similar to the one on the aforementioned tympanum above the church door at Stoke sub Hamdon in Somerset.

In the Underworld below, we can see a naked ithyphallic figure and a fire-breathing dragon. The inclusion of the dragon tells me that it is about the rising of Ida and Pingala, the serpents who grant the enlightenment and wisdom that grants Sovereignty.

The Middle World, in the centre frame, features a priest or cleric who is touching Ælfgyva in a gesture that reverses that of this ithyphallic Pan-like creature below. Ælfgyva is standing between two columns that are entwined by quinotaurs. These lion-headed sea serpents were used in the art of the grailkeepers to symbolise threshold guardians at the time when the bright star system of Regulus, the ruler, was in the constellation of Leo.

Archetypically, the twin columns represent the yin and the yang of the serpents Ida and Pingala, who drip their red and white elixirs into the Holy Grail or cup of the hypothalamus. They were named Boaz and Joachim when they supported the arched entrance into the Temple of Solomon.

Further back, they were the Tammuz and Ningishzida of the Sumerians. These twin serpent gods are gatekeepers or threshold guardians, through which the hero has to make a successful passage. They usually appear as pillars on either side of a doorway but they are also the twin clashing rocks of the Symplegades, which Jason of the Argonauts had to pass safely.

Tammuz and Ningishzida

Whenever you get doubles or twins, it also indicates the house of Gemini, which is ruled by represents the governor of Gemini, Mercury-Hermes. As you know, Mercury is the vital catalyst for the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon.

In the next scene of the Bayeux Tapestry, you will find a depiction of the enthroned William of Normandy in conversation with the British king, Harold Godwinson. They seem to be discussing the Sovereignty of the British Isles, which William believes to be rightly his. But Harold is pointing to the woman and the priest as if to disagree with the Norman king. The Sovereignty, he appears to be insisting, belongs to him through the cuen Ælfgyva, who is in the ancestral line of the Godwins.

Godwin – now there’s a word to conjure with. Who was the god and what did he win for that family line? Could it be that Ælfgyva’s gift from the elves was Sovereignty? And if so, how did William of Normandy manage to steal it?

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