Why we study the Mysteries

“Sir Francis Bacon was apparently a [Knight’s] Templar using a Template to create an axis and Templum that defined the Temporal fabric.”

I’m indebted to the author Cort Lindahl for the above pearl of wisdom in his book The Geographic Mysteries of Sir Francis Bacon, which I highly recommend. In a nutshell, he describes why we study the Mysteries of Time and Space, and why it is the purpose of human life.

He also shows the cover of Bacon’s book Instauratio Magna (The Great Instauration) which I think illustrate Cort’s words perfectly. Instauration means restoration or renewal after decay or dilapidation.

The great restoration of the Temporal fabric will come, as it always does, from the yarns of the Weavers. Cord also writes about the Weavers in this book, and he traces them back as far as the emperors Constantine and Justinian II, and his wife Theodora of Constantinople. But the Weavers are much older than Byzantium. The Weavers weave the Temporal fabric, just as the Norns in the Norse Eddas weave the Web of the Wyrd.

The Egyptian goddess Isis and her sister Nephthys are known as the Abuti, the two weavers. Another Egyptian goddess Tayt is the weaver of mummy wrappings, and the prime symbol of Neith, the great goddess of culture and war, is a weaving shuttle.

Neith’s crown is a weaving shuttle

Ancient myths, in fact, are full of spinners and weavers, as in Sleeping Beauty, and the meaning is that we can spin our own reality in line with the greater alchemically-observed good, which Leonardo da Vinci showed he knew about in his painting Madonna of the Yarn Winder.

Madonna of the Yarn Winder by Leonardo da Vinci. The implement in the young Christ’s hand is the equivalent of a sort of bobbin, known then as a niddy-noddy.

So how do we restore the Templum? We have to follow the weavers of our ancestors, in the shamanic journey, who will unwind and mete out the yarn of knowledge we need at the right time in our life story.

It is no coincidence that Sir Francis Bacon’s genetic roots can be traced back to the Northmen, or Norsemen, who came from Normandy and Brittany to conquer Britain in 1066.

Wars, the outcomes of which can dictate “reality” for hundreds of years, are won or lost according to who has this wisdom about the temporal fabric. Sir Francis Bacon and many other courtiers with this knowledge, like Dr John Dee and Sir Francis Walsingham, helped Queen Elizabeth to defeat the Spanish armada.

The cover of Bacon’s book also contains a quote from Daniel: “Many will pass through, and their knowledge will become ever greater.”

Yes … and more than ever today, with the power of the Worldwide Web spreading our thoughts and ideas about how to restore the Temporal fabric.

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