Sacred Shamanic Sexual Healing

In recent videos, I’ve been explaining how the alchemical marriage – aka the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon – is vital for growth and fertility, and that it is found in every aspect of Nature from the smallest atom to the most gigantic galaxy. And so here you’ll learn how we can benefit ourselves from the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon in our own bodies and in our own relationships.

We see the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon in eclipses Above, and in the dancing and weaving of energy lines across planet Earth Below. We find it in romantic myths about Mars and Venus, which are transcribed today as great love stories for our silver screens, like The Notebook.

The alchemical working of the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon is vital for the successful continuance of the human race, and for all life on Earth.  But don’t worry … it is never going to stop.   However, what can be a problem for us – in the here and now – is when we are deliberately left in ignorance about how it works, so that we are prevented from using what Mother Nature uses to make her empire blossom and bloom, blossom and bloom in our lives.

It is literally the life-giving amrit or soma of divine love that makes the world go round, while it’s opposite – if we should choose to follow that path – poisons the ground into a sort of arid wilderness or desert in which human beings find it difficult to thrive.

These teachings on the elixir of life – or Mysteries as they have been referred to for thousands of years – have always been known about by the wise ones, the mages and sages, or the Grailkeepers if you like, whose role it is to protect the Holy Grail of this knowledge and seed it into people’s hearts through the arts.

The comings and goings on the world stage of different kings and princes with differing ideas on how to govern, have meant that the Grailkeepers have had to conceal the Mysteries of this elixir of life in nursery stories or songs or plays.. such as the works of Shakespeare, penned not by one brilliant but otherwise ordinary and unremarkable man from Stratford, but by a group of Rosicrucian playwrights who shrouded these Mystery Teachings in their plays for those who had the eyes to see.

The underlying message is most obvious, to me anyway, in their fairy romp, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

You may remember it … the Sun, the fairy king Oberon, has fallen out with the Moon, the fairy Queen Titania.This rupture between them was turning the Earth into a virtual wasteland. And so it takes the trickster antics of Puck, aka Mercury, to bring reunite them and for Nature to thrive again.

The bare bones of that plotline perfectly describe the seven-stepped alchemical processes that lead to the  Marriage of the Sun and the Moon and the birth of the Child of Philosopher, otherwise known as the Philosopher’s Stone.

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the metaphors of the Grailkeepers in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and what they mean, it’s in Chapter 4 of my book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar.

In this video, though, you’ll receive a taster of what else you would learn from that book.

Or if you prefer to consume this information through the written word, please read on:

I don’t know if you’re anything like me… but have you ever wondered what the female orgasm is actually for… apart from unmitigated pleasure? I always used to … well… until my understanding about life was widened and deepened through the practice of shamanism and by learning about these Mysteries.

It didn’t make sense.   If you so much as clear your throat, or sneeze, it has an effect on your wellbeing in that, at least, you get to shift some mucus. Not so this pounding rocket through the gates of The Garden of Earthly Delights. It has no raison d’être at all, apparently! Just ecstasy for the sake of ecstasy.

That same cannot be said of the male orgasm that accompanies ejaculation, which is at least a vital factor in conception.   But the good-for-nothing female orgasm has held sway in the minds of those who should have known better for most our lives. And it’s not just about conception, in their minds.   They postulate that the male orgasm furthers man’s evolution because of the pleasure it gives makes men want to have sex more often.

Of course, you could say the same for the female of the species if they all experienced orgasm … but the trouble with that theory is they don’t. It’s true that female orgasms are not so simple to fathom, even in the animal world.   For instance, all male animals orgasm but not so all female animals. Gibbon ladies, for example, never get to wallow in such heavenly raptures.

No, in humans, it turns out men are far more likely to experience orgasm than women, of whom one in 10 don’t ever experience its delicious delights.

Added to that, the most common experience of orgasm with women is clitoral orgasm, which can be experienced in its full Hallelujah chorus glory without contributing at all to the over-population of the planet.

So the mystery deepens .. what is the female orgasm for? Is it, as some scientists conclude, an accidental byproduct of Nature? Quite frankly, to my way of seeing, only those who are completely ignorant of the alchemical workings and intelligence of Mother Nature believe that she ever has any “accidental byproducts”.

Just because scientists cannot find what the female orgasm is for, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a purpose. They just need to find another way to view it.

Here’s what I’m driving at…

You may have noticed that when women talk about their orgasms, they seem to be describing a much more holistic and rounded experience, verging on spiritual transfiguration, than that described by their male partners… well, their male partners, that is, when they can bring themselves to talk about it!

 So in my view, modern Western scientists will never discover the purpose of the female orgasm so long as they continue to insist on their very limited set of tools (no pun intended) for investigating it.

Their instruments of discovery only allow for outward, probing exploration when that probing would be better turned inwards, which would then, automatically, widen and deepen their parameters to go beyond just this one dimension in which we find ourselves living, on Earth.

As Albert Einstein discovered, all matter is governed by the energetic field – in other words, the health of the physical body is impacted by the auric fields around it, which are invisible to the naked eyes of all but the sort of seers, shamans and mystics that used to guide the spiritual evolution of humanity.

 In ancient times, going back around four or five thousand years into the Neolithic age, sacred shamanic sex rites would be performed in the mandirs and temples by high priestesses or “sacred prostitutes”. Actually, they had many different names all over the world, like hierodules, and even Vestal Virgins … which makes sense when you know that being a virgin in those times had nothing to with celibacy, in fact quite the reverse.

In ancient Anglo-Saxon Britain, they were known as cuens and in their trust, they held the Sovereignty of the cuentry or country.

But whatever they were called, all these women were trained in the Mysteries to use shamanic techniques which included the female orgasm as much a function of the auric or energetic field as a physical process.

 In other words, the purpose of the orgasm was not considered to be just for the physical body but for the whole mind-body-spirit continuum.

And while this may not impact on evolution as understood by materialists and Darwinists, it has a vital application to the overall higher evolution of our true selves, the spiritual being currently on the human journey. 

The kings and pharaohs of Babylon and Egypt would spend the nights of their coronations with one of these high priestess-types,  so important was sacred sexuality regarded in those days to the Sovereignty of the Land. The ruler was expected, in this way, to undergo spiritual transfiguration through shamanic sex practices, in order to be wise enough to rule over his domain. If you want an example of what leadership is like without such wisdom, you need only to look around at today’s leaders!

Even today though we will say that “the king marries the land”. We know that saying, even if we don’t know what it means. It means that the king gains his right to rule, the Sovereignty, from the land, from the spirits of land, otherwise known as the Fae or fairies.   Hence Shakespeare’s fairy romp.

So how does this work?

Well, the hierodule or cuen would have been married to the spirit of the land, in a shamanic way, and she would act as a conduit for the transmission of the Sovereignty of the land to the new king through these sacred sex rites.

So you may be wondering why you haven’t heard about all this before? And how can it really be a thing when no-one talks about it? Well, even in recent times, we’ve witnessed several examples of how the media can push inconvenient truths down the memory hole… so imagine how much can be lost over 1500 years of that practice.

Most forms of shamanism and mysticism had been driven underground in the West, until the early 1960s.

The demonisaton – or shall we say ‘cancelling’ – of shamanism was begun in the 4th century by the Roman Catholic Church, and then more latterly, by the so-called Age of Enlightenment which led to the supremacy of Western material science.

But this teaching was not entirely lost. Research into the hidden depths of the past – both literally and figuratively – show us that spiritual love was the key to these Mystery teachings. They were based upon a Gnostic or more holistic way of knowing that included the objective and subjective equally. This is why the Bible refers to “knowing” a woman in the lovemaking sense of the word, because Gnostic knowing is all-encompassing.

Thus, the female orgasm, in its optimal holistic expression, is all about the fullest flowering of that love – spiritual love and adoration of the Most High.

One day the Sun and the Moon made Love. Painting on silk by Russian artist Lyubov Toshcheva

Sacred sexuality is also very much about self-empowerment, because it brings the practitioner into much more holistic self-awareness.

But shamanic sexual healing is not just about the love between human partners.   It is also, and not complete, without the eternal love which exists, across the dimensions, between humans and the all-knowing spirits who oversee the spiritual evolution of Man. As I always say, if you want eroticism, you need Eros…and I explain all that in one of my recent videos: Evoking Eros, Eroticism and Beauty.

But so much of this teaching has been hidden for so long.  And until it is revealed and taught properly again, sex will continue to be misunderstood and channelled into the perverted and violent practices that are destroying our human experience today… and leading to the wasteland.

Let me be clear: Paedophilia, bestiality, rape, sado-masochism, genital mutilation and, in fact, any kind of sexual relations which do not honour, in a loving way, the inner divine being of the other, are a cruel abomination and a crime against Natural Law. The sad truth is that the human being will continue to find the need to wage war, one against the other, so long as he cannot learn to stand vulnerable on the edge of total ecstasy through a loving and trusting relationship with his beloved.

In the absence of that divine initiation, Man needs the thrill of extreme sports and imminent death, which is itself the experience of standing on the portal of another world, although leading to a much less fruitful initiation.

To feel the utter ecstasy of divine love is an innate need in all of us and so if the way to that state is blocked by ignorance and degeneracy, its expression will be sought by going in the other direction.

 In hiding this knowledge from humanity, our rulers have robbed us of our natural birthright, our stairway to the stars… and this is slowly turning the human being into a venal monster, fit only to be fooled into fighting and committing bloody atrocities against his fellow man in endless, perpetual warfare.

We have become disempowered through the inability to be in touch with our whole inter-dimensional selves, which is beyond just the mind and body.   And this error renders us into more willing slaves who are slowly being reduced to having to rely on drugs and violence for our kicks amidst an inevitable barren wilderness of ever-increasing social ills and disease.

How can you be sure what I’m saying is true?

You will be able to independently verify, if you want to, most of the information supplied in The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, because it comes from sources already published in the public domain. They just haven’t been woven into this storytellers’ rug before.

In addition, I’ve learned a fair amount of these Mystery teachings, as they were once known, from my spirit guides.   I’m what’s known as a shaman and there’s more about what a shaman is in Chapter 11 of the book.

But suffice to say, for now, shamans are among many kinds of seers and mystics who interact with the other dimensions and the spiritual entities they meet there. These spirit guides give us various kinds of advice, information and healing to bring back to this world and we act as conduits for that spiritual transmission. It is a kind of specialised shamanic healing on a planetary scale. Its purpose is to ensure the continuance of the Creation by an extraordinarily ecstatic act designed to manifest new worlds and new realities, through an implosion of Divine Love.

This is an occult teaching… and I hope that word doesn’t bother you.   The word “occult” doesn’t mean anything spooky or evil; it’s just the Latin word for “hidden”… the hidden Mysteries of the Grailkeepers.

So after reading The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, you will better understand the true allegorical spiritual, alchemical and sexual meanings underlying the concepts of the Chalice, the Holy Grael, the Cruet of Joseph of Arimathea, the Creatrix, the Emerald Tablet, the horned god Pan, the Questing Beast, the Song of Solomon, the cup that overflow’eth, soma, amrit, the ambrosia of the gods, the Lily and the Rose, the Living Waters, the Land of Milk and Honey, the Promised Land and Life Everlasting.

It is the ultimate royal road to self-transformation and it is so powerful it changes your life on many levels. It’s not a New Age teaching – it’s very Old Age, in fact, which is why the first part of the book gives a little grounding in the way our early ancestors thought, which was very different and much richer than how we think today.

I then describe the evidence for ancient sacred sexual practices which have been uncovered by archaeologists, bringing in the cave art, religious artefacts and sacred texts which have been unearthed by them in recent decades. I also explain a little about the rudiments of alchemy, to provide a deeper understanding about how sex magic works.

This is all to help you build a strong enough foundation stone to go on to benefit from the last part of the book, in which I describe the practical methods to bring this spiritual way of lovemaking into your life and into your relationships.

So I hope this Mystery Teaching has sown a seed with you that will eventually germinate and grow into a green and pleasant land in your own life!

I have now set up a new blog dedicated entirely to the subject of shamanic sex, sacred love magic and womb shamanism. It’s called Cleopatra’s Needle. So if you’d like to check it out, just click on the picture.