Evoking Eros, eroticism and beauty

Our unhappiness and dis-ease mostly stems from our separation from Eros, one of the great immortals who holds up the pillars of wisdom. In this podcast, I read an extract from my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, from the chapter in which I explain how to evoke Eros into our lives again. Just click on the picture to access it. Or if you prefer, you can read it here too.

The three forces that hold up the whole universe are Truth, Goodness and Beauty. This triad, which takes us beyond duality, are in fact three manifestations of the same reality.

If it’s True, it has Beauty.

If it’s Good, then it’s True.

If it’s Beautiful, then it is Good.

This is true alchemically, mathematically, spiritually, musically…. everything we create that is a genuine expression from Source sings out this song of praise to the heavens .. and beyond.

This triskele was expressed in Vedic literature as Sat Chit Ananda (Truth, Consciousness and Bliss).

 Later on, this philosophical base comes down to us, worded differently, through the Greek poet Hesiod’s Theogony (c. 800 BCE), which is thought to be a crystallisation of a much older school of thought. Hesiod called it: “The Three Pillars of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.” And once we start working with that model, we can see how we’ve been robbed of our birthright by the religion of science.

The belief system of the current priesthood, which has Bunsen burners and Petri dishes in place of incense censers and communion plates, can have no interface with Goodness or Beauty, because within their crude tools, instruments and devices, there is no way of observing or measuring Goodness or Beauty objectively. And if it can’t be measured, it has no value… to them.

Goodness seems to have no value, now, in the violent films being churned out where we’re encouraged to root for the anti-hero – the criminal, the conman, the gangster, the housewife forced to turn to prostitution.

Truth has been demoted in the laboratory to mere objective observation in the delusion that the observer can separate himself from what he is observing.

 Beauty is like a great and majestic queen who has been drugged into oblivion, and her clothes and jewels have been stolen by pimps and drag queens who tied her up and left her in an end-of-the-pier ballroom, in a shabby, out-of-season seaside town.

Thus, Beauty needs to be awoken and rescued from this spiritual Wasteland or Wilderness within which we currently find ourselves.

But to begin to appreciate a universe that is built on the essence of Truth, the essence of Goodness and the essence of Beauty, is going to be about as simple as asking a monkey to write an encyclopaedia. (I know they used to say that a hundred monkeys would get there eventually but that idea has been disproven lately.)

We have become separated from these Three Pillars of Wisdom by thousands of years of cognitive evolution going in the wrong direction. We need help. We need a miracle. In fact, we need divine intervention. We need to ask the spirits to help us and, and in my experience, there is no better god or goddess, or any other variety of otherworldly spirit or entity, to ask for assistance than Eros.

Eros God of Love by Melzayas on Deviant Art

Eros, just like everyone and everything else in Greek mythology, has been much misunderstood in the past 2,000 years.

Once the cosmological model of the triad of Truth, Beauty and Goodness was discarded for a dualistic model, so his role as one of the original Four Immortals representing All-Compelling Beauty was also quickly forgotten, apart from in our dreams and secret desires.

For Hesiod, Eros was the creative life principle of the world. It was Eros who formed a world space through the gap of Chaos, otherwise known as Tartarus, the Abyss and the Night, out of which Gaia created Heaven and Day.

Without the All-Encompassing Beauty of Eros – which is also True and Good – nothing can live, nothing can thrive; our lives are barren and meaningless.

The desire to return to our true state, to our birthright of True Goodness, like the Prodigal Son, is the desire represented by the All-Beautiful Eros.

This was an extract from my book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar: Shamanic sexual healing and sex magic. You can buy it on Amazon in your own country, or from all good online booksellers.