The Revelation of the Divine Feminine

I had a lucid dream this morning. I was wandering around one of the Other Worlds and then I came into a room which was full of women arguing about the Divine Feminine. One was saying it was Venus, while others were insisting that it was Aphrodite, Ishtar, Eve, Isis or Astarte. Finally, one woman stood up at the back at the room to declare that the bloodthirsty, skull-necklaced Kali was the true Divine Feminine, and that’s when I found my voice.

The Indian aspect of the Divine Feminine, Kali

I told them that they were all right, that they had all found different aspects of the Divine Feminine godhead from their own countries’ myths, and that She was one and the same. I also said that if they were quiet and stopped arguing, they would be able to sense Her in the room where it seemed to me that Her presence was more potent than I’d ever experienced it before.

They were, in effect, victims of the divide-and-rule narrative of different conquering elites, over thousands of years, that had the habit of mixing-and-mashing the stories and characters in myths to create a hagiography for the new conquerer and a pseudo-history for the indigenous conquered.

I’ve traced this weaponisation of wisdom stories as back as far as Alexander the Great who, when he conquered Babylon, stole all their stories that have come down to us today as the Greek myths you study at university if you do Classics. They also cut in half Ishtar, the Babylonian Divine Feminine, who was as much as goddess of war as she was love, to create Aphrodite and Ares, who the Romans later came to call Venus the goddess of love and Mars the god of war.

This considerably weakened the Divine Feminine while making the Divine Masculine dysfunctional and easily enslaved, without her wisdom, into joining armies for pointless wars. The female had to be all sweetness and light to be considered feminine, while the male had to be more brutish.

This tragic act in history also ended up creating the Jews’ Whore of Babylon. Their priests had been looking for a bogeywoman to stir up their people against this city situated between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, which they feared and envied for the protective sacred geometry in its very architecture and its powerful sacred prostitutes in the temples who were shamanically in touch with the ‘gods’.

These days, the Divine Feminine is being overly-extended and exposed in an attempt to unseat the Divine Masculine … but it’s just more weaponisation of the true wisdom aimed at creating chaos and mayhem. Order and peace comes when the Divine Feminine is in balance and in Divine Marriage, or alchemical marriage, with the Divine Masculine. But the true Divine Feminine has as much fire-breathing Kali in her as she has butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth Venus, while the Divine Masculine is much more complex than the characteristics attributed to the hot-headed, cruel Mars.

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The artwork in the header is from Fine Art America, and is entitled Divine Feminine 6 by Cosmic Creatrix.