Why transhumanism can never work, and why I’m betting on Venus

I went through a period in my early teens of being an atheist, mainly because my prayers to the god they kept telling me about were falling on stony ground. The Christian church’s deity just wasn’t working for me. And so I gave up all belief in any kind of divinity until I started my Human Biology O level. That was the “F*** me!” moment. That’s when I saw, for the first time, the incredibly intricate design – there’s no other word for it – of the magnificent creation of the human body. It was many decades later when I realised that the whole of Nature is designed similarly, in this way.

But back then, I would stare for hours at anatomical diagrams of the human body, wide-eyed in wonder at how each physiological process was so delicately balanced within a finely tuned network of interdependence on the others. I went on to study it to degree level, and eventually came to realise that we have been fashioned out of stardust into perfection on legs … and we remain so unless and until some kind of chemical foreign body from the outside throws a big spanner in the works.

Yes, there are weaknesses dictated by our DNA, tendencies towards certain diseases like cancer. But these are tendencies, which only arise when the bodily processes have not been optimised by the right nutrition to remain in equilibrium, and thus rendering our immune systems weak and vulnerable to any old toxic foreign body that happens to wander along.

Yes, there is wear and tear, but this is part of the destruction that comes at the end of life when the physical body is preparing to dissolve to go through the death portal.

Otherwise, the human form is a miraculous wonder of supreme intelligence that could never be created by any human being and particularly the dumb sort who are currently trying to take over our planet.

That’s how I know that transhumanism will never work, other than to produce dysfunctional travesties of this exquisite creature “made in the image of God”. If you don’t believe me, just look at all the other ‘great leaps forward’ that the dumbclutzes have tried; driverless cars that crash into each other, vaccines that cause the deaths of thousands …hell, they can’t even get the autotext on our phones to string together an intelligible sentence.

They’ve created their own automated deity, the great god Al-gorithm, who dictates all the business decisions of the corporations these days. If Al doesn’t reckon your business model is a go-er, you can’t get the investors.
However, I would prefer to put my trust in Lucifer rather than Al. At least Lucifer understands the alchemy of life and knows about the right order, sacred geometrical proportion and finely-balanced equilibrium needed for anything in Nature to thrive. In fact, Lucifer is just a misunderstanding by the early Christian scribes who mistranscribed from the Coptic texts the “bright fire” of the morning star, Venus, and Venus is the great lover of humanity who brings order out of chaos. (To read more on this topic, go to Why Lucifer Must Have Been a Woman).

The transhuman agenda cannot work and it is going to cause nothing but chaos, and so let’s all hope that Venus is on the case and hears our prayers.

((The image by NASA above shows the bright fire of Venus, after new research found that there could be more than 30 active volcanoes on the planet.)