The cathedrals of light sung by the dawn chorus

The dawn chorus has fascinated me for some time. I always meditate at sunrise and, in that way, have shamanically discovered many things about this natural phenomenom. We already know that the creation is built by sound; I believe this birdsong at sunrise is a form of communication which helps to build the template of each new day, and that the song is a kind of Gloria, a song of praise.

There are scientists who monitor the sounds in space caused by electromagnetic waves that are carried by photons from the solar winds of the Sun. They have discovered a series of intertwined waves that are always on the East side of the Earth, where the Sun rises from. These waves emit calls and chirps that are very much like birdsong, although more elongated and twisted as these serpentine ‘rivers’ are tugged to and fro as they react to the magnetism of the Earth. The scientists have dubbed this ‘birdsong’ in space the Chorus.

As Above, So Below

The picture below is of a frequency spectograph reading taken of the birds’ dawn chorus on Earth by ornithologist Maurice Baker. Does anyone else see cathedrals of light?

I have some kind of idea forming that our birds’ song of praise at sunrise here below relates to the electromagnetic Chorus above that rises with Sun from the East – maybe a sort of call and response? Anyway, this is a work in progress, but I was delighted yesterday to come across Maurice Baker’s work and what I see as cathedrals of light that are built by our birds on Earth, every dawn, in praise of the Creator for the new day.