Magic is just a superior, higher technology

I once wrote a very long essay about how humans couldn’t possibly have come from apes, as Darwin suspected but never proved, and that our ancestors were never ignorant, club-carrying caveman that said “Ug” a lot. Even now, the synonym used for knuckle-dragging thugs is “Neanderthal”. I think it’s bloody insulting to the Neanderthals.

In the essay, I used arguments based on scientific and historical evidence, and I had to defend it against the academics I knew at that time. And so I would say:

“If they were ignorant, club-carrying caveman that said ‘Ug’ a lot, how come they built the pyramids, the dimensions of which exhibit the kind of geodesic knowledge that we are only nowadays catching up to, with our modern satellites? This shows that the ancients knew the measurements of the planets, the Sun and Moon and the distances they were from each other and from the Earth? How could they not be at least as intelligence as we are?”

And they would reply,

“Ah, no …you see, the pyramids were built by superior beings who came from Outer Space,” with absolutely no realisation that they’d taken a quantum leap from science to science fiction.

“So where is your evidence?” I’d ask, “How can you prove that scientifically?”

“Ah, no,” they’d say. “We don’t need evidence. We can use our powers of deduction. It’s obvious that the pyramids must have been built by superior, extra-terrestrial beings because, around that time, humans had barely evolved in their knowledge from when they were ignorant, club-carrying caveman.”

That’s what’s known as a circular argument and in saner times, positing such would have had a person thrown out of the Oxford Union Debating Society.

However, now that I’m older and a bit wiser, I have greater compassion for those who feel the need to cling to a story … any story … to stop themselves falling off that huge cognitive cliff into the vast, dark, gaping chasm of “I don’t know”.

It can feel like an existential threat to some, to have to scratch their heads and say “Well, I guess I just don’t know much about where humans come from.”

It did to me, at first … but it wasn’t until I let go of that false story that the real one could start open up to me like a beautiful golden flower of life.

Eventually I was able to take my place within an enormous congregation of teachers on the Earth whose destiny and challenge is to reclaim this knowledge about who man is and his place in the cosmos, through a higher technology that was once taught by the Mages of Alexandria and known today as the esoteric Mysteries or ‘magic’.