What to read during the lockdown – Stories in the Summerlands

Right now, the psychological warfare machine is ramped up massively, with both sides trading blows by twisting and retwisting old myths into false, mind programming narratives.

How can you see through the fog of this information war? Well, you can make a good start by letting me teach you how to unweave and repurpose the stories that these adversaries have been using as weapons of psychological warfare since long before we were born. This ‘fake news’ has been applied to control us ever since the Mysteries of Time and Space were first hidden from the masses, although the Grailkeepers preserved them in the artwork of the churches, and I also show you where to find such examples in Avalon in Stories in the Summerlands.

After reading my book, you then will be able to expunge the deep shame of the Original Sin that stains your subconscious mind, and which holds you back from expressing yourself fully. You will realise that nobody died on a cross for your sins 2,000 years ago – and that the myths about dying and resurrecting gods are far older than Jerusalem and hold a deeper, and much more useful, meaning.

And you will then no longer have night terrors about an Apocalyptic Mark of a Beast.

From Sasha and the Dragon by Laura E. Wolfe

It will completely change how you feel when you realise that the Book of Revelation is not a literal prediction of an Armageddon, but an alchemico-astrological allegory about the winning of King Arthur’s Holy Grail – which in itself is a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment.

All that alone will put you light years ahead in your spiritual evolution than all “the great and good” whose graves are lined up in serried ranks on Mount Zion, waiting for the Second Coming … not realising that there has never ever been a first one.

You will, in fact, be free.

In the first few chapters of Stories in the Summerlands, I break down the Jewish myths of the Old and New Testaments – such as those about the Exodus, the 12 Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Nativity and the Crucifixion – to show how they are not literal accounts from history or even predictions about the future. They are much more important than that.

The Christian scriptures are full of metaphorical myths which, once I’ve shown you how to apply the Rosetta Stone to them, make perfect sense as a blueprint for how to live your life today successfully and fruitfully. Then you will no longer be an easy ‘mark’ for those who wage psychological warfare, whichever side of the battle for world dominance they’re on.

Let the dead bury the dead, I say. We want to get on with the life that we came here to live.

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