How to get out of the ‘dead zone’

Have you ever wondered why what is patently clear to you is completely hidden from another? Do you keep hoping that everyone will “wake up”? And have you noticed that those who describe themselves as “woke” are often the most asleep of all?

Well, there is good reason for all that … the path to spiritual enlightenment is a journey, a pilgrimage that begins at birth, when the stars map out the twists and turns that will be encountered along the long and winding road of our lives, in order for us to change alchemically and thus achieve initiation and enlightenment.

But most people have not the faintest clue that they are on this pilgrimage, mainly because they have had this knowledge hidden from them. So they are blind … like newborn mice, three blind mice, see how they run. They haven’t yet learned to see, and their eyes are closed to their antagonists who lurk in their blind spots or “dead zones”, hiding their weaponry in plain sight.

In order for you to understand how this state of blindness was achieved, and how to remove your blinders, I need to give you a few basic facts about two things: the path of the initiate and the evolution of warfare. I don’t mean that you have to read Sun Tsu’s The Art of War, unless, of course, if you want to. It is a great book. But no, I’m just going to describe a very basic metaphor here that I’ve gleaned from how the designs of medieval castles and forts changed over time, to show you what I mean about the path of the initiate and how enlightenment changes everything.

Metaphorically-speaking, unenlightened people that are “asleep” are like the earliest medieval round forts. The diagram below shows how their rounded towers were useless for defensive purposes because the antagonists could hide themselves by coming close up to the walls.

Diagram showing the difference between “dead zones” and no “dead zones”

If your enemy was able to get into your dead zone or blind spot, then they were out of the line of your sight. On top of that, you couldn’t fire arrows at them from another part of the curtain wall of the fort, because arrows won’t go round corners.

And so during the late 16th century, star-shaped buttresses were developed to provide marauding troops with no shelter. For instance, star forts were designed by Michelangelo for the defensive earthworks of Florence, and then refined in the sixteenth century by Baldassare Peruzzi and Vincenzo Scamozzi.

Here are some wonderful examples of star forts.

Fort Bourtange in the village of Bourtange, Groningen, Netherlands and built under orders of William the Silent in 1593.
Plan of Geneva in 1841. The colossal fortifications, among the most important in Europe, were demolished ten years later. Scan by Nick Michael. Original author B. R. Davies (1841)
Venetian walls of Nicosia, Cyprus (1597) are a typical example of Italian Renaissance military architecture that survives to this day.
So how can you become a star?

Our ancestors have left us a huge treasure chest of information on this very topic, hidden in astrological and alchemical metaphors within their myths, which they wrote in the stars of the night skies that are always with us.

It is an extraordinary body of work that can never be eradicated, despite the various kings and emperors that come and go on the world stage over the millennia, and said rulers trying to twist our ancestors’ wisdom stories out of all recognition to create religions to control their people.

If someone has “the eyes to see”, they can untwist and translate these stories for others to find their own path forward on the pilgrimage of their life. I do have this knowledge.

The Apache shaman Elder Geronimo also had the “eyes to see” and for this reason, he was able to protect and keep his tribe in existence for far longer than any other, when they were under attack from the Settlers of the New World. He would use the Redcoat soldiers’ blind spots to mount a surprise attack, or “disappear” … not actually vanish, but get into their dead zones where they couldn’t see him.

If you’re in the dead zone of your enemy, they cannot see, meaning that you are in a better position to mount a surprise attack, or just quietly pass them by on the other side of the road, whichever seems best.

I’m not just talking about military warfare, though. We are all under attack in so many different ways, these days, in what is known as Assymetric Hybrid Warfare, in which there is no division between soldiers and civilians anymore.

This at-a-glance chart was created by Black Ops Partners

So we can be innocently enjoying a night out with our friends and suddenly find ourselves being verbally berated by one of the “flying monkeys” of our adversaries. Only the advanced perception that comes from spiritual enlightenment enables us to see our enemy coming and to afford them no “dead zones”. When your consciousness is a star fort, you can also tell when you’re being lied to … or when the person causing you a problem is lying to themselves. In other words, people can convince themselves of all sorts of nonsense when they can’t see the bigger picture because part of the lid of the jigsaw puzzle is hidden in their own dead zones.

But you have so much more information than your blind assailant about the situation, and so you also have more options available to you about how to react.

We are constantly assailed with fake news and false advertising from the moment we get up in morning to the moment we go to bed at night. Advanced perception will help you to see through all that too, once you understand the nature of the path you’re on, and how to navigate it.

It is a path of initiation, this life journey that we are all traversing, and once you pass certain challenges, your antagonists turn into your friends, I promise, because the challenges have outlived their usefulness.

As Tally Pendragon wrote in her excellent Foreword to the second edition of my book Stories in the Stars, every one has their own stories in the stars. Why not start to learn yours now?

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