Ancient Myths are Not Records of History – they are much more valuable than that

I am currently coming up against a widespread misunderstanding that the purpose of myths was to record the ancient history of man. So I thought it would be a good idea to explain my views about the real meaning and thus value of myths, which are not about political history – although they are often used and abused to produce stories of battles on Earth that go on to provide ballast for confected kings’ lists.

In ancient times, at least as far back as the Sumerians 6,000 years ago, it was the role of priest astronomers to preserve and pass on the wisdom teachings that were encased in metaphors in what we call today ‘myths’ – stories that had been drawn in pictures in the stars of the night skies as far back as the last major Ice Age – when all the Indo European tribes of man were gathered in the Caucasus regions on the “roof of the world”.

According to my research, the propensity of some to search in myths for man’s history is a direct result of a post-hoc twisted perspective that has come about because we have lost the capacity to appreciate these star chariot vehicles for what they really are.

To me, it seems that the ancients were much more interested in the question “why are we here?” rather than “who was here before us?”. The answer to the former question is much more useful to us in developing spiritually. The latter is just a nice-to-know tidbit that is used by the mytho-industrial complex to create false kings lists.

In a nutshell, what I believe ancient myths are showing us is found in the saying: “The only difference between mythology and history is that myths are true.” In other words, recorded history is rarely true because it is spun out of the wisdom teachings found in the myths of the newly conquered by the imperial victor’s scribes, in order to justify a new world order.

This is a double edged sword. On the one side, they have a sharp narrative to control the masses. On the other, by hiding the real cargo of the vehicles that carry universal truths about the attainment of wisdom, the path to which is as eternal as the stars, they render us powerless to discover the true meaning of our lives.

All this is broken down in much more detail in my book Stories in the Stars, which not only lays out the sagas of old in the original forms and context, but it also explains how and why they are wisdom teachings that can apply to our own lives today. This is not just a “nice-to-know”; to my way of thinking, understanding myths is a vital prerequisite to living a full and rich life today, and in a society that really cares about the education of its young, I believe every student should be given a copy of this book – or one very much like it.

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